Halloween-the rebirth of the dead memories of our ancestors(Part 1) by Eleonora Abigail

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SUMMARY: Well, it's already too late to celebrate Halloween, but the idea came up in my mind three days ago<3. I'm going to write two chapters. The first chapters only sets the scene. The title summarizes the whole idea.

Part 1- The beginning

In the middle of that day, not just an ordinary day of October, I got ready for my special day, the day of the death, Halloween. I was born on the day of the death and it's quite strange to celebrate simultaneously the day which brought me to life and the day of the living dead...Ever since I was little, I have felt very close to the phenomenon of death, the transition to the other world, which belongs to dead people...
The small town, my sweet hometown where I have cherished the few good memories I have, was filled with thousands of teenagers and kids, who were so excited about that terrific celebration and, moreover, a day off from school. The magical atmosphere was at its peak in the evening, when the moon started to show its scintillating, yet pale flash of light. The Sun, the divine star whose power was weakening as the autumn days were passing, had already fallen in the dark sky and was no longer protective toward the town, leaving it without its bright shield. Everything was covered with a veil of darkness and only the jacks o' lanterns were enlightening the white, cold faces of the people. The wind was brushing tenderly the red cheeks of the small children that were playing happily on the playground.

But I didn't care about that holiday; I didn't care about my birthday either. My heart was empty, full of fog and coldness; I wanted to cool my dark past, to cover it with oblivion ...So I took my taciturn mask and put it on my face. I wanted to take a leisurely stroll, wandering on the streets like a purposeless ghost. I had no friends, except from a black cat, a loyal buddy of mine, named Luna due to a white dot placed on her forehead. The black cat was like a black box-an extension of myself- since my soul is completely closed, it could be compared with a black box. Luna seemed so excited about that day; she was a creature of the night and enjoyed so much the days with full moon. I didn't know why she's so attracted to the silver goodness of the night...Every month, when the moon was entirely full for three days, while her eyes suddenly turned bright, brighter than light, she used to run away from home, and return only after two days. Where was the place she used to go- I don't know, not even today. It's her secret.

I wore a suave black dress, which I use only for special days –to tell you a secret, it makes me look like a black widow-, I groomed my appearance quickly and got ready to go out. Of course, I took Luna with me. She's my lucky charm and, as I noticed later, my guide through that tangling day...Out, the cobbled, winding streets were full of noisy people. The bustling crowd was costumed in weird suits, most of them were wearing only a white bed sheets in order to look like ghosts and bore jack o' lanterns in their hands, while others had wicked pumpkin heads. The tiny city was haunted by its citizens, a scary and frightening vision of that society. Somehow, the anachronism is the most eminent when everything is covered in the magic of the holiday.

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