The Demon Craft by Guadalupe Gonzales II

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SUMMARY: there are a few lines here which I took out of another story that I wrote, but just changed of theme of it........on a different matter, I was writing a draft for another story, however, I forgot to push the draft option and had a few views, before I was

I had been on the road for hours now and was feeling a little fatigued. At my last fuel stop, I was told by the attendant that I could cut my time in half if I stayed on the paved road that ran along the coast. He also said that it would be better if I didn't drive after dark. The road would often get covered with sand and it would be difficult to distinguish the road from the sand. I decided that if it was going to cut my driving time in half, I would take that route. After driving for a while I noticed that it was beginning to get dark, and since I needed to releave myself I decided it would be best to stop. The moon and stars were visible over an almost cloudless sky. As I made my way around a rather large sand dune, I decided that this was where I would stop. After releaving myself, I made my way to a rock and decided to sit there for a while. As I looked out unto the sea and horizon, I remember being completely at ease, with absolutely no thoughts in my mind. Everything was so peaceful and quiet. I had closed my eyes for an instant, when suddenly, from out of the corner of my eye, I saw a glowing spectre of light. As I studied it more closely, it appeared to be a craft hovering in the distance, just above the water and about 1000 yards from the shore. I instinctively took refuge behind the rock. I dared not look, but listened intently for any sounds or noises. The sea was calm and there was almost no wind at all. All I could perceive for now, were sporadic flashes of light emanating from the hovering craft. Everything was perfectly still. As I moved to the edge of the rock, a blast of light permeated the darkness all about the rock. The blazing light was creating such an intense heat that I began to stew in my own sweat. I was breathing heavier now and I thought I was going to hyperventilate. I took off my shirt and wrapped it around my head and face, then laid flat to the ground and stayed there to recuperate. I had already been lying there for a while when finally the beam of light extinguished. As I began to feel revived, I gently eased my draped head around the rock at its lowest point. I left my eyes uncovered so that I could see. The craft was projecting beams of light into the sea as it hovered over the water. They were of different colors, frequencies, and duration. When it had finalized its transmissions, it ascended skyward. It was now much higher than it had been a moment ago. And as I looked upon all these strange happenings, I felt a cold chill run through my body. My blood rushed to the surface and my hairs, also, were now standing on end.

A short span of time had now passed when I began to hear and feel rumblings from beneath, a thick cloud-like mist rose upward, as the tremors intensified. The heavens were now clouded up by the mist. There was a pungent odor of sulfur, and all light from the moon and stars had been blanketed. The winds too, began to howl, and the waves began to roar as they crashed upon the shore. Blinding flashes of light and sprays of water splashed unto my face as I now dared to look on.

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