Broken by Richard Stein

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"Hey ... hey Yaakov are you awake, please talk to me?"
Rachmel then staggered to the once bright window that is now covered by a huge table.
"Yaakov please wakeup brother please. Oh my g-d the explosion from the suicide bomber must have knocked you unconscious."
Rachmel then realized that they were stuck in the café with no way out. He then took out his cell phone to see if there was a signal but sadly there was none. Rachmel then went over to his brother and checked his pulse he could not find one.
Rachmel angrily cried out "Yaakov ... why damn-it why please tell me how can people be so cruel to each other, even though they do not even know each other. How g-d how does any of this make sense we just up and send our children to die for what a cause unknown. Is there any end, tell me g-d you son of a bitch why did you take my brother why he was only fifteen years old. He had every thing in front of him he was so young and pure and he was all I had. This war, this world this ... this, this is so damn surreal. No, no, no this can't be real, no I won't believe it. Oh my g-d he's gone why, tell me why".
Finally after a while Rachmel cried himself to sleep. Some time later he heard a loud bang which woke him up. It was a police officer who came in from a hole they blew in the wall. He was looking for any survivors. The officer did not find any survivors he only found the remnants of a man who on the outside was alive, but on the inside was broken.