Help is not always wanted. by Billy Barnes

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You are walking down the hall and you see a little boy sitting in a corner crying. You go to him to see if he is ok but you decide not to. You turn to walk away,but after a few steps the boy starts to scream. You turn to look at him and you see that half of his face is torn off and the other half is only hanging on by a cupple of neves. His screaming gets louder and louder. Your ears start to ring. The glass around you shaters as the boy rips the remaning part of his face off. Blood is going everywhere. The floor around you is coverd. You start to run away but slip on the blood. Causing your head to smash into the floor below. You scole is cracked, blood is spewing out. You passout. Ther is a bright light. You reach out for it and bump your head on you brothers bunk and realize it was just a dream.