Operation Miramichi Part 1 by Salim Farhat

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Putting the paper down, he

looked back up at Lieutenant Bradley and smiled more widely. "Thank you..." he paused for a second, "Captain

Bradley." He saluted him slightly, pressing the intercom button for his secretary. "Warrant Chira, call an

emergency conference. Immediately. We have some planning to do..." General Vilner's mind then vanished into his own

personal realm of planning and plotting as he already started to formulate a scheme to use this fortuitous event to

its fullest.

Exactly one hour after he gave that order, four men of military bearing gathered together in a small, windowless,

and soundproofed room. Two army, one navy, and one Strategic Intelligence Service major general, each representing

the intelligence gathering branches of their service. Two of them checked and rechecked every nook and cranny for

any possible hidden microphones. Once they were certain that there weren't any, they took their seats to wait for

General Vilner.

They waited with obvious impatience, tapping their fingers and frowning as they wondered what was the development

that caused the General to call this meeting on such short notice? The only hint to it was a map of the Hal'nalava

region, the very edge of the known world, hanging on the wall. Marked upon it were the positions of Union army,

navy and air stations and those of the Molsarian armed forces. It was such a remote part of the conflict that they

wondered if it was worth the all the resources and manpower thrown into it. Yet they insisted upon it, seeing it

tied up far more Molsarian forces than it did their own.

General Vilner entered the barren conference room, bringing with him a plain manila folder which he placed

carefully on the table before he firmly shut the door to the room. "Gentlemen," started the air force intelligence

office. "We've intercepted some extremely sensitive information, and if we play our cards right, we could deal a

particularly damaging blow to the Molsarians by the time this week is done."

Mildly intrigued, yet still a little skeptical, the four men waited for Vilner to finish. Vilner walked over to the

map and picked up a pointing stick, bringing it towards the makeshift region capital on the Hal'nalava mainland.

"As you all know, the Molsarian chief of staff, General Quriqus, spends most of his time here, probably figuring

out the logistics in killing another 5 million people as we speak." Genera Quriqus, better known as the butcher of

Kagetashima, the axeman of Uolok, the cannibal of Kushen, and other flattering nicknames, was the Molsarian

mastermind behind the war and much of the strategy of the war. He was also the single most hated man in the world,

far more than even the Molsarian leader. "And as much as we've wanted to catch him in the open and rid the world of

him, his underground bunkers have remained completely impervious to anything we can throw at it."

He pointed to another location, far away from the capital, in the middle of a densely forested region.

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