The Heart Of Patriots A Tale Of Two Americans by J.R. Clarke

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SUMMARY: A Tale of two American buddies caught in battle in the middle of the Revolutionary War. A story of patriotism and courage in the heat of battle...

The Heart Of Patriots
A Tale Of Two Americans
By J.R. Clarke

It is the Middle of winter. The wind is howling through the trees. The snow is falling heavily. There is ten to twelve inches of whiteness upon the frozen hard ground . The temperature is about fifteen degrees. There are bloody footprints everywhere and there are some apart from many others leading up to a giant dead oak tree that had fallen in years past. Two men, best friends almost like brothers are childhood buddies crouched down and close together. They take refuge behind the old giant oak. A long way off in the distant background is the sound of the enemy's canon fire that echos through the forest just barley loud enough to tell what it is. Small arms fire ricochet all around them. One even hits the old tree and a big piece of dead wood flies off of it almost hitting one of the two men! Russell says, Lord have mercy on us! That was a close one John! You can't afford to loose your other ear, your damn hat wont stay on, desperately trying to cheer his friend up but it didn't work . The dog tired battle weary men had just completed over fifty miles of marching and fighting. The battle is finally dieing down. They had been marching and fighting for over eight days with little or no rest or food. Now at this place called Valley Forge a familiar voice comes from a tall man dressed in blue riding upon a beautiful white horse. His voice rings out, well done men...! Very well done! God bless you all. The canons can't be heard now. All gun fire has stopped. The voice that was heard was that of General George Washington. As he puts himself in harms way re-a shoring his troops. The two men... Russell and John relax a bit. Russell says to John... You OK buddy? Ya, I'm OK i reckon... My left ear stings a bit... That damn Red Coat's bullet took more than half my ear off. Good thing you still have those sewing needles your wife gave ya! How about the big hole in your shoulder? Is it feeling any better? It's been almost two weeks now...I'll make it, Russell says... If God wants me too! Shoot, John says... I know he wants both of us too... Hey Russell! I really can't remember why we started this war! Was it just because we didn't want any more of there damned ole nasty tea? Hell brother! I don't even like tea. Give me coffee any day... All i know is I'm freezing to death and haven't eaten for five or maybe six days. My boots gave out last summer. I wrapped my feet with my last piece of underwear but there still bleeding everywhere! Your even worse off then I am! John replied...Yes, Russell said... My coat is full of holes. I can't feel my feet anymore. I think there frost bit! I can't hold my rifle because my hands are so darn cold and my brain can't even think straight anymore... Help me Russ, Help me remember why were here! Russell replies... I can't help you buddy. I can't even help myself but I know who can... Russell then puts his arm around his best friends shoulder and begins to pray.

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