The Heart Of Patriots A Tale Of Two Americans by J.R. Clarke

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Dear father in Heaven. We have come so far in this righteous fight. Please help us both to remember why we are laying our lives down for you and this idea of freedom and self rule... We both pledged! "Give me liberty or give me death"... Death looks comforting right now! Lord forgive us for our self pity right now! Show us the way Lord and we will follow you to our last dying breath... We have already given everything else... We know you have provided us this land... Now, all we have is this land and it is up to us to hold it. We pray you will give us the strength and wisdom to do this task you have given us. Thank you father... In Jesus name , Amen. My good friend. I remember why we fight and have to win. It is not just for us but who will come after us. All of them! There must to be a free place. A country, "A shining city on a hill". A free place! One without a King. A self ruling people. Good people... Folks lead by Gods laws... "For the people and by the people". Men who stand up in times of trouble... True Freedom! Each person is in charge of his or her own destiny and happiness. Not by government but how hard they work for it. One man, one vote.. Not mob rule, but by a righteous republic with checks and balances. Common rights from God himself and justice for all... Amen... Americans! We will also take an oath to teach our children that the bloodshed here on this battlefield or any other place in the world will be fought with honor and true patriotism for our Star Spangled Banner. We fight for these principles that we may set captives free of evil and tyranny... We will always do that my friend... "In God we trust"! May God bless this new America... Then John says. Thank you my good friend. Now i do remember and I will stand with you always... Russell reply's... I am also with you my friend! Here is to liberty and a new land to build on... Oh yea! An just like you said... Screw the King and his damned ole tea!