Strange Weeds by Daniel Doggett

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With her dying strength she freed the latch and the children burst out of the yard like bats out of hell. As they did so they stepped on some strange weeds and were hit with a green cloud of toxic spores, but continued running like Olympic sprinters.

The murderer was taken aback by the children's unexpected burst of speed, and felt it would be impossible to catch them. He stood there unsure what to do next for several long moments. Should he just go home and get some sleep, he wondered. He looked at the two corpses, the knife, and the blood all over his clothes. Then reality set in. He had just murdered his neighbors. He did it because his grandfather's ghost told him to. The knife slipped out of his hands, he covered his face, and sobbed. He slumped to the ground in a quivering heap.

The children were coughing and gasping for breath as they tore down the sidewalks, through parks, and to a grove of trees that looked like a good place to hide and catch their breath. The person that murdered their Mom and Dad was nowhere to be seen, but still they felt they would err on the side of caution. Their Dad was there, in the clearing of trees.

"You must kill the family two houses down from ours, where the retard and his mother live," their father said.

"Dad, I thought I saw you die!" exclaimed one of the children, reaching to hug for his father. His father backed away.

"You must kill the retard and his mother," his father said.

"He's not retarded. He's mentally ill," said one of the boys.

"Whatever, you need to kill them both."


"The crazy one and his mother are living off Social Security. They're good for nothing bums. Get rid of them," their father said.

"What's Social Security?"

"It's a fund established so that hard working people like me can give money to lazy people to eat," their father said.

"I guess I can understand that. I'll do it," said one of the boys.

"Me, too," said the other boy. They didn't have any weapons so they picked up rocks and found a huge, thick stick to use as a club. Then they proceeded back to their street.

The mentally challenged man was talking to his front lawn when they arrived. They threw rocks at him and rushed forward. A rock hit them man square in the jaw and drew blood and a scream from the man. They began beating him with sticks. The mentally disturbed adult managed to run back into the house and lock the door. The children smashed rocks through his windows and began to climb into the empty panes, cutting their hands on the glass that was not dislodged by the rocks.

The mother of the man inside the house phoned police and grabbed a bat. They got into a scuffle that could be considered a draw. The two adults were battering the children out of the window, and the children were shrugging off blows with grim determination. The police arrived and took the two boys into custody. They looked around and found the carnage two houses up. They arrested an unkempt man that was muttering: it was the weeds! It was the weeds doing it! They make you see things, you know.