Makes you want to go swiming by Billy Barnes

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SUMMARY: Its not the locknest monster.

You wake up one morning and you think that you need to catch up on your swimming. You go to the local pool and jump in. Every thing is going good. You swim five laps around and take a brake. Suddenly something graves your leg. It is trying to pull you under. You start to grave for the edge of the pool. It is too late. It has already got you in the middle of the pool. There is a searing pain in your leg. The water around you starts to turn dark red. You are now free. You try to swim away but something starts to rip at your legs. Climbing your body. You look down to see a creature so ugly, you start to scream. It drags you under. You start to loose breath. You want to breathe. There is a pain in your chest like you are about to explode. Something graves your arm. It's something soft now. You look to see what it is, you see a man pulling you in. You can't hold on any longer. Let all your air out. You pass out right before the man gets you out. You wake up in the hospital with bandages all over you. You start to cry because you are ALIVE.