The Dream-Quest of my Life Part 1 by Anthony Krystofolski

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I have have dreamed about many things in my life.Such as getting gaining wealth or even meeting a woman,but those were nothing like what I dreamed about last night.When I drifted away last night I find myself in an open sea.I think to myself what am I doing here?Where am I or even what lies in this ocean?The main thing I could think of was how will I survive.There is no food,no house to sleep in,just an empty desolate ocean.I eventually notice that there is no hope so I decide to sink myself under water to end this nightmare.While under water I notice that there are a great many fish even a sunken ship from the times of old then I see something that catches my eye.It was an bleak looking monolith under water in this I see what looks like death mixed with tentacle like body parts .I could not tell weather this was a fish or a man or even a hybrid species.All I knew was that it was nothing like what I have ever seen before.This monolith had shown a man with tentacle arms.Along with what looked to be a black face
It had inscribed,"That which dies a hateful life will suffer all eternity."I was not sure what this meant.I had two questions in my head will I suffer like it says by the hand of this
hideous creature or how will I live if I don't suffer?Either way I don't want to die it is what I fear most.Does this explain what many have failed to prove?