The Intervention by David Scholes

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A power, unquestionably of the first order, intervened on behalf of this great race and saved it from destruction.

As the vast star fleets bore down upon the Brell home worlds a series of cosmic storms, the like of which have never been seen before or since, spread across their advance not merely stopping the advancing fleets but in fact annihilating them down to the very last star ship, troop transporter, and star fighter.

The old man, the Tolden elder, knew that the historical record was sketchy beyond this point. Still, it was generally thought that the saviors of the Brell then turned their attention to that dark entity that had sought the destruction f that super power empire. At that time some speculated it was a battle that moved on to a higher plane. A battle that, for all anyone knew, might still be in progress now. A forever war.

* * *

The Tolden elder's mind snapped out of its reverie and back to the present moment. He looked among the heavens sensing the visitors even before they were detected by his and Urrle's technologies.

Urrle looked up in silence and in awe.

Three very majestic human type physical forms descended planetward at almost leisurely pace. One resplendent upon a large many legged unknown animal form. Another in some form of chariot device conveyed by equally unknown but smaller animal forms. The third of the three entities simply levitated downward without any apparent means of transport.

The old man, the Tolden elder, knelt and cried. He knew that here now were the saviors of the Brell. Coming, after all this time, to claim what was theirs.

"Lords," he called out to them as he bowed even lower, as low as his venerable frame would allow him. The apparently eldest of the three majestic forms motioned for him to rise. While another of the entities, neither the eldest nor the youngest, raised his hand and the hammer artifact whose inertia had defied Urrle's best efforts flew gently but enthusiastically in to that entities hands.

Urrle smiled and nodded respectfully. Here then was the owner, the true and rightful wielder of the hammer weapon. Urrle recognized in the hammer wielder a very great warrior.

* * *

All three of the imposingly regal entities looked on with respect at the long dead soldier of the Brell. At that moment the light armor of the Brell began to flow towards the youngest of the three entities enjoining with that entities own armor. The entity seemed untroubled as if such an occurrence had happened before.

Leandarr could sense the similarity of the three entities. That they might even be of the same blood.

All three smiled at the ancient and before they departed skyward the oldest of the three entities moved towards Leandarr and handed the Tolden an artifact. The scorched yet still recognizable remains of an ancient Talisman.

"What is it?" asked Urrle.
"It would have belonged to he of whom we never speak; never would he have been separated from it. There is only one conclusion that we can draw from this."

The Tolden elder looked at his youthful companion.

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