Motu by Siva Vg

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SUMMARY: Three children and their best friend, Motu.

"Ram, call home", the Uncle bellowed.
Ram ambled to the telephone.
"Uncle gimme number".
The Uncle did not answer.
Ram had started dialing. Ram knew his uncle was deaf so he put the receiver on the table and ran to his uncle who was in the kitchen.
"Uncle.." he started of to ask for the number.
Lakshman and Bharat were crying. They were Rams younger brothers. They were watching their uncle who had a butcher knife in his hand.
"MOTU....", shouted Ram.
Charley had a bad day already and now there was an emergency call he had to look into immediately. "Some children shouting and crying go have a look. If you need back up call us.", was the message he had received.
"Uncle don't do this... Motu is our best friend you cannot kill him", Ram was on his knees begging his uncle. His two brothers were too frightened to even come near his uncle. The uncle was smiling benignly. "Today your Motu is going to be our dinner". Ram also started crying. He was terrified. "Please...please don't do this... he is my... our best friend"
Charley had reached the house. He hit the calling bell. Nobody answered. He shouted through the door even then nobody answered. Then he started hearing the children crying. It was coming from the back of the house. Charley slowly took his gun out and started towards the noise. He was near a window that showed two small boys crying, he could also make out the hand of an elder person holding a butcher knife.

Charley heard the man shouting, "Shut up, enough. Your Motu will be our dinner tonight. We have nothing else."
Charley could not see Motu. He just saw two children crying and they seemed afraid and fearful of something. There was also another boys voice. The boy seemed to be pleading, "Don't kill Motu...please"
The uncle shouted in pain, "Awwwwww", blood was everywhere. "Cant you stay still you stupid..". Ram had literally fainted.
Charley called for backup.
"We have your house surrounded. Surrender now and come out with your hands up", the mike was blaring. The police siren was everywhere.
The uncle heard disturbing sounds. He grabbed the three children and pulled them towards the stairs for the bedrooms upstairs. Suddenly a window broke and gas started spewing everywhere. The uncle was terrified now. He pulled all the children back into the kitchen closed the door and crouched under their cooking range.
The sniper was positioned exactly for the old man to appear near the window. He took the shot. It was clean.
The uncle suddenly dropped down. Ram, Lakshman, Bharath were still crying. A few people with masks came in grabbed the terrified children and took them out.
Charley felt great. They had saved three children from an old crazy psycho who had brutally butchered their best friend Motu.
Charley was suspended indefinitely from Police duty. And the Police department was facing a crime charge. Several heads were going to Roll.
'Motu' was a potato.
The uncle had cut himself trying to cut the potato.
The ISD code for India is 91.
The children were 7,5,3 years old.