guardians of power 3 through 5 by Raul Hernandez

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Act 3 the quest has begun

The ship lies dead in space as its one and only occupant sits in a dark room putting in an entry log " open log files code omega mission. If any one receives this encrypted log My name is Leo Pharaoh I am sending this report back to say that my mission is a failure the enemy knew that we were looking for the chosen ones and I have a lost all crew members but myself. But I will fullfill one last duty I am sending you what I have discovered of this threat that it has rocked the cosmos to it very foundations.
But even as I travel I have not been able to discover how to let the power of the medallion free. After he had left for his quest he lost so much he couldn't bare it all. At first he lost his love to the quest when he left her back on Possidus. He had lost all hope when he lost his crew to countless attacks by other races. It was from then on that he started forgetting all that he had been taught he had tried to use the powers. But he never again felt the power that he felt when he destroyed Hendrex. But with the nights that he felt empty he dreamt of even more horrible things but unlike the other dreams he could see the spirit all he could see was darkness.
He had awakened the day after in cold sweat after every dream. With every dream he had seen a piece of himself be destroyed. It was like he was becoming colder but as he slept on this night he felt himself go deeper into himself. He in his dream could see the medallion in front of him it was opening up like a door but behind him he saw the dark force ready to strike at him. But before the force could strike a voice bellowed out like a giant it was the spirit itself speaking. Its voice was that of a thousand voices, it was if it had lost its patience with him.

" You are the chosen one you will release this force." Commanded the voice

"Who are you and what do you want" said Leo grasping for his blaster as if he had one he then realized that this was a dream.
"I am the spirit that lays dormant in this medallion and I will show you what power you will have and who to look for, then as quickly as the dream had started did it change. He was suddenly transported to the place that between he was in the world of dreams and reality. He could see himself asleep, "why did you bring me here?" shouted Leo at the spirit it. Then the light hat had started as a small flicker engulfed his entire mind and suddenly a person appeared covered in golden armor and a red cape. His face could not be seen because of helmet, which was shaped that of the tiger, the official animal of the medallion and in the back round he saw five other warriors. All holding different medallions one of wisdom another of the warrior one of the emperor.
Looking further he could see others two others holding mystery medallions none of their faces could be seen. But looking closely at the person holding the protection he made out that it was him but as quickly as the flame appeared it disappeared and so did the voice.
Was it all a dream or was it something else" he wondered but looking at the medallion he saw it had changed the crystal had become clear and a planet had appeared in its dark dead center, that planet was one of which he could not recognize.

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