guardians of power 3 through 5 by Raul Hernandez

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But thinking back on his memories he realized that all this was very familiar it was from his dream when he first grasped the medallion. This world was one of those that that was destroyed by the devastation.
Studying the planet it was changing to and a name was taking it place.
The first letter had appeared E and then A then R then T then H. looking at this name he typed the name into the data base he found it was the name of a planet. Setting a course for that planet he saw that the planet was only the 2 days away. Then another name took its place written in red fire it appeared. The E came first then the L then the I then the A and the final letter S .It read out Elias but then after a few seconds another name took it place Adam. Till this moment he thought no other planet could support any life due the invasions that have been going on.
So looking up some history of the people there he found that these people were one of the last to be conquered do to their distance. But at that time their home world earth was in the middle of rebuilding their civilization, after a bloody war. Its colonies had speared out to the edge of their space they had over 28 colonies they all wanted to be independent. So they started a war the war was short-lived only 5 years after they came to an agreement and so the colonies were made independent. But just after forty-eight years the darkness came. The people were hard fighters and came together, but the amour of the dark warriors were impermeable, even the most powerful weapons couldn't make dents on them. They were cut to shreds, but they don't know what we know now. That these things, that have come to known as the vazar aren't of this world, but of another dimension. A place where darkness has ruled for countless millennia's and all hope of salvation lies with in the medallions, But this is still nothing to what will be lost the Auroran empire has over 88 colonies 800 billion people. If it falls all will be lost those lives will die, if I don't find the medallions and their keepers.
With the dreams that I have been getting there has not been an even clear sign, that an evil is coming. The master of the dark dimension, the worlds know that it's only a matter of time, before the warriors of the darkness get to them and they will have to fight.

"Log entry 22 year 3232 I have been in space for 2 years and 5 days and I have so far have I only found two of the chosen ones. The ones that hold the key to the powers of the warrior and the most powerful the emperor's, on the planet Earth. I feel that although I have gone through two years, without out hope of finding the full potential of these powers, I finally feel that things may be changing. But I still wish to see my home world and I ever so miss my love Ashley. I miss her I still I see her in my dreams from when we went walking in the forest of Centari prime or when we went swimming, in the waters of her main planet possidus waters. I know that all this these things are part of delusional state. I try to fight it off when I see them in the corridors, of this god-forsaken ship.

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