Varam by Siva Vg

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SUMMARY: A girl, the game.

"He will know today, I will tell him his responsibility" , she thought as she climbed the stairs.
Days before when there was only air with no scented love in it.

Ragav was ogling at Vidya as she came up the stairs.
Ragav was unaware that the others beside him were performing the same action.
Vidya's eyes danced, she noticed and walked away taking no notice.

Desperation is part of love affairs. The dance, the play, the question, the answer of the eyes and actions were archived, interpreted accordingly. Ragav egged himself, unaware of the rest of the world around him.

Vidya was short, slender, fair, chic, and the organs that accentuated beauty in women where very much present and added more to her beauty. She had black shoulder length hair that she tied with a single band at the top. She seemed natural. She always wore the Indian Salwar-kameez, the beautiful garment that hugged the shape revealing less skin.

The desperation reached a state where only one sense ruled the mind and decisions were made that Ragav could not even regret.
The game.
The images that flicked across the psyche of each person in their wakeless state where of brutal beauty. She showed them Yama's hell, Indra's heaven, the calmness of saints, the spirit of freedom, preciousness of life, the bliss of death, the music of life, the complexity of music, the sweetness of melody, the bitterness of pain, and the scars of past actions.

The men who lost had dwindled in the pressure of such magnificent images, gave up and blamed fate. The man who won, saw all the images and in awe showed her the miracle he thought was life. He showed her the birth of a child, the birth of an living being, the birth of a galaxy, the birth of big-bang, the birth of vacuum, the birth of energy.
Ragav felt bliss as he saw Vidya climb the stairs, he decided this would be his day. Vidya smiled at Ragav.
The images of many nights of intensified battle flicked across his eyes for a precious moment.
She came up to Ragav and spoke.
"Ragav a part of me will be with you as you have won the game. I hope you understand your commitment.", she said.
He was so eager to touch her, to grab her, to be with her, he said "Yes".
"A life is a important responsibility, you have won that responsibility. You have to take care." , she said.
Ragav seemed a bit confused but the senses blinded him.
"Yes of course. This is commitment for Life.", Ragav said.
Ragav suffered. He could not eat, could not sleep, anything he ate he vomited, his body rejected everything. Ragavs anatomy was changing.
He died in three months.
'Varam' is an ancient game that was played to know who would take the responsibility of bearing children. In ancient world not alone women, men could also bear children. The ancient settlers of earth living today still played the game among themselves, and saw to it that only women won the games lest they draw attention to themselves.
Vidya was an ancient settler.

In 'Varam' both man and women projected images during their sleep to their opponents. The first person who succumbs and ceases to project images lost. The game is played for many nights until a winner emerges.
The game projected the horror and goodness each had in their heart and memories.

The girl was young and did not understand that people were diferent.
Ragav was a normal human male.