Spiral of Tortaurus (Chapter II) by Frank Carentz

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SUMMARY: A tale from the dark future world known as Harrowed Earth. A slave recounts the tale of her capture some ten years ago and gives a glimpse into the torturous world of the Sati-Tormentus.

I awoke to the sound of voices. Startled I had to consciously keep myself from screaming. I knew they would find me. It was only a matter of time before they followed me into this forsaken place. My fingertips clawed and scratched at the inside of this wooden cave I had hidden myself in. I could feel my fingernails breaking away as I dug and pried with them. Finally I had broken off a shard of wood pointed enough to be deemed a weapon. With my over-sized sliver in hand I peeked out the opening of my enclosure. The rain was falling hard; the sky had been blacked out with the storm clouds that now hung overhead. The thunder would clap and the sky would light, casting itself down and turning the dark as night surroundings to day. I could make out four figures in the light of the storm, but they looked nothing like those abominable Sati who had originally stacked me atop their cart of human slaughter.

The figures were hooded, cloaked; most of their bodies were covered from sight. One of them had his back to me and as the lightning flashed I could make out a symbol that was embroidered upon it, the symbol of the Father, a god that was once worshipped by the masses of mankind before the Harrowing and I couldn't help but think that maybe the Father was real. How else could I explain these figures, bearing his symbol, here, with me?

My only choice was to make myself known and hope that the little I knew of the Father and his followers was true.

I slowly made my way from the hiding place, keeping my giant sliver behind my back, just incase.

"h-hello?" I beckoned the figures.

They all spun to face me, taking defensive stances as if I was some creature in search of my next meal.

One drew a large curved blade, much like those that were carried by the Sati. Another pulled a fire-arm from beneath his cloak stepping back and crouching as his thumb activated it power source with a low hum immediately following. The third held a large steel rod in his gloved hands and immediately took aim at me with it as it began to coarse with electrical energy.

"BACK!" the first screamed. I found myself following the orders rather quickly.

"What do you want?" asked another.

"Safe passage from the swamp." I replied.

"Who are you?" They asked.

"I am Viviana, I was..." My breath became short as the El-Storm flashed again.

"...a farmer from the lower regions. Who are you?"

"My name is Pilat, this is Ral and Torko..." replied the first while pointing to his companions "... it is our task to scout this area now and again."

"We are followers of the Father. You have heard of the Father yes?

"I have. But I have never actually meant those that follow his ways."

"How did you come to this place my child?" The third asked, lowering his defenses.

I quickly recounted the tail of my capture to them. Their eyes gleaned with malice as I spoke of the creatures that had bore me away.

They truly hated these creatures. I thought to myself.

As I completed my tail the one named Pilat took aim on me once again .

"You speak of the Sati-Tormentus, or at least that's what they call themselves.

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