Mirror Image by Cycy Smith

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SUMMARY: An obsession turns dangerous...

I always loved being a twin. After all wouldn't you? Twins are unusual, exciting. And identical twins are even more special, everyone finds identical twins fascinating. I adore being the centre of attention, and since being a twin allows me that I don't mind too much sharing the spotlight. And who would want to be alone all the time? To walk through life without someone by your side? It makes me shudder just to think of it. We are the most popular girls in school, and rightly so.

It's even better that we are both so beautiful. If one beautiful girl is noticed then two identical beautiful girls are an Event. People stop and stare when we walk in to a room together; stepping in unison; tossing our perfect hair; smiling our perfect smiles. If either of us was to ask the magic mirror from the Snow White story who was the most fair, the mirror would have no answer. We are both equally beautiful, equally worthy of the title ‘fairest in the land.' There are no other girls in our school to match us, not that they try. They know they could never compete.

I have to confess it can be a little annoying, not to be the only one on whom all this attention is focused. Sometimes I wish I could be loved this way for just being me, not part of a double act. But most of the time I don't complain, I'm too busy having fun. I love the way all the boys pay special attention to us, the way we are always surrounded by people wherever we go. I don't think any of the other girls actually like us, they're too jealous, but they're nice to us anyway; they can't afford not to be. And who cares what they think in any case? I have Jessy, I don't need anyone else. Me and her against the world, that's the way it's always been. All these people around us want to be friends with us, want to get close to us, but they can never mean more to us than we mean to one another. Although recently I suspect Jessy has been going behind my back with some of the other girls. The other day I was searching for her at lunch and found her in the girls' toilets with Marianne. Of course Jessy came away with me as soon as I walked in, and left Marianne behind, but for a moment before they noticed me she looked almost happy, even though I wasn't there. Still, I'm sure it's just me being paranoid. Jessy loves being a twin as much as I do; after all she wouldn't get any recognition otherwise. She's hopeless really, content to be friends with anyone, even if they're not popular or have nothing to offer her. Without me she'd be nothing. Oh sure she'd still be pretty, but there are hundreds of pretty girls around. With me she is special, she is beautiful, she is noticed.

I have to do all the work though. I have to make sure we both look perfect before we leave for school. I have to make sure we are wearing outfits that are different, but that compliment one another. I have to pick the right boys for us both, boys who are good-looking enough to flatter us without outshadowing us. I have to decide when we are available to everyone and when we sit alone, to maintain our air of mystery.

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