The Whole Story by Michael James

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SUMMARY: Everything from Ch.1 to Ch.10

The Master Of The Key
book #1

Ch. 1

Andrew watched his wife Deedra fall asleep. She was worn out from the wild passionate sex they just had, he was not quite tired. This is their first night being home together and probly the last because of the positions they hold.

They are two of the six Mage-Wizards the other four are Andrews brother Domanic and his wife Cloe, Deedra's sister Jazzmin and her husband Jake. Months went by slowly with Andrew taking his wifes place, for his wife is with child and she is to stay at home in bed, relax.

Anrew got the privlage of trying to hold up the mage shield that he and his wife with Domanic,his wife Cloe,Jake and his wife Jazzmin forged together linking their magic. So that anyone of them could hold the shield by themselfs or until someone comes to help.

The shield covers the hole village of Traykota, "well another day anther dollar I just hope that Deedra is ok, I hope that she doesn't have the baby before she is supposed to."Andrew said to himself. "Its only been six months and she is starting to show a little more each day." He waited for his brother in law and his wife sence his brother and his wife are supposed to be off tonight.

Just then as if by magic they arrive. "Sorry we're late" Jake said. "We over slept or at least I did, Jazzmin was up because she had to get some more food for when we get our night off. Even though its only one night, "Good thing you guys are here I need your help." Andrew said lightly. "I'm starting to lose my consintration" "Then it's a good thing we are here." Jazzmin said flatly. Jake and Jazzmin sat next to Andrew and began channeling their magic together to join Andrews. Until all three pulsed in unision and the shiled was almost at full power.

Then Domanic and Cloe showed up at the time they would show up at if they were working. "Hey guys were here." Domanic and Cloe said in unison. "I thought you guys were off tonight." Alex said. "Yeah we are supposed to be but King Nala sent us a letter that we have to work tonight but we get tomorrow night off." Domanic answered.

And then Domanic, Cloe joined Andrew,Jake and Jazzmin, then channeled their magic to join the others till the shield was finally pulsing at full power. "So Andrew you pulling a double till your wife has the baby?" Jake asked. "Yeah I am, it's a little draining but worth it" Andrew answered.

They took turns gaurding until the next person was ready, the sun rose and the gaurd that always takes over releaved them so they could go home and get some rest. "Jake you and your wifes night off is next month and I hope you enjoy it, oh by the way Domanic you and your wifes night off is four days after theirs so don't forget because it is the only night that you guys get except for the night your child is born so you get it off to watch your child being born." The Gaurd said. "Thanks Razer" Domanic said.

With that Andrew,Jake,Domanic,Jazzmin and Cloe went home to rest till they had to get up for their classes. Andrew who is training eight mage-apprentices insted of his usual four, not only that.

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