A Hero by Kirk Simonson

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In the land of Venril, there is a kingdom called Schotus. This kingdom is filled with magical creatures such as elf and dwarves and humans too. They had a great government, but lately the people have been either confused or angry at the king's decisions. Sheba, halfling rogue, especially is angry with the king for he threw her dad in jail. Her dad was a loyal bodyguard assigned to protect him from assassins who wanted to kill him. An assassin attacked one day and her father, Fredrick, jumped in the way and got sliced pretty bad. The king's life had been saved but he still had a scratch so he threw her father into the dungeon and burned their home. Sheba has hated the king since then and had become rogue so that she could free her dad from the prisons of the palace.

Sheba was walking through a crowd in the market square hearing the merchants shouting their wares. She passed a weapons stand that had all sorts of combat tools. She spotted a rapier and wanted it so bad that she would sell anything for it. She only had a dagger at her belt so she envious of the merchant for owning such a sword. "How much for that rapier there?" asked Sheba.

The merchant looked at the rapier and said "for the rapier I am selling I charge 20gold pieces, but if you are willing to part with that dagger I will sell it to you for 15gold pieces.

Sheba nodded excitedly and unstraped her dagger and put it on the table with 15gold pieces. She watched the merchant walk to the shelf and lift the rapier, using a cloth to hold it by the blade. He opened a cabinet and pulled out a sheath and gently slipped the sword into it. He handed it to her and said, "thank you I hope to be able to sell to you again."

Sheba unsheathed the rapier to look at the shining metal. She gazed at the gleaming blade, not able to look away. She was stuck in some dream state and couldn't escape. Then strange symbols started to magically appear along the blade. She could hear her name being whispered from far away. Sheba snapped back to reality and then heard her name being yelled.

She turned her head to see a burley fighter with long brown hair in a ponytail running towards her. "Hawke!" She exclaimed and started running towards him. She ran to him and then jumped into his arms and kissed him on the cheek. "I got a new Rapier" Sheba said. "Do you like it?

Hawke glanced at the sword it is nice, where did you get it?

"I got it from that merchant", said Sheba. "It only cost me 15 gold pieces and my dagger.

"Well, Berkad can make you another one. A dwarf can make about anything with a hammer and a forge.

They had been walking for about an hour since they had left the city gate. They were coming up on a large cave imbedded into a hill. When they stepped in they could hear clanging and smell, sulfur and smoke.

"Berkad" Hawke yelled. "Are you in here? We need to do something for us!"

They couldn't hear clanging anymore but instead they heard grunting and footsteps coming through the cave towards them. "Hawke? What is it?" said a harsh voice from the shadow of the cave.

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