Tierra del Fuego: Land of Fire by Kirk Simonson

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Josť, a hero among his people, was out walking in the field of wildflowers taking in the fresh scent and admiring the bright colors. Just as he was thinking about lying down and resting awhile, Josť's good friend Tito came running through the fields crying out in despair. "Josť!" He called out. "Half of the village has been destroyed, we have no idea what happened. Everything was normal and then there was this great blinding light and everything was blazing and burning to the ground."

Josť looked the direction from which the village was located and saw giant clouds of smoke billowing to the sky. "Come on!" Josť yelled as he began sprinting towards the smoke.

When they arrived at the village nearly all was in cinders. Josť couldn't fight the feeling that told him that he might have been too late. He looked around and started running towards his family's house.

When he arrived, he dropped to his knees in disbelief. His house was no more and the only thing left of it was black and white ashes on the ground. Tears sprang into Josť's eyes. Had his family made it out alive or had they been swallowed in the burning flame? Josť stood filled with rage.

Tito came up behind him and saw Josť trying to hide the tears from him, but Tito new that they were there. "Do not despair Josť, I am almost positive that I saw your parents and siblings out side of the village as I was on my way to the flower field." Josť's eyes brightened and he went to search for his parents, brother, and two sisters.

About an hour after searching Josť had spotted his family huddled together in mourn for the friends that had died in the explosion. Josť's mother turned and saw him. She got up and ran to him weeping with joy and the others followed suit.

"I thought I had lost you," his mother said.

"Thank God" added his father.

"What happened to?" Josť was asking but got cut off.

"It was terrible," cried his mother." We were working in the garden when the earth split and spit up fire, and I could've sworn that I saw a man with terrible horns and hooves in the middle of the flames laughing. It was just terrible."

Josť then looked very serious and stood up. "Mother I am going to find this man or beast or whatever he is and make sure he will never be able to laugh at the destruction of a village again, for the sake of our village and the others around us!" With that he turned and hurried away.

Josť was at one of the only buildings left standing, the armory. He began putting on battle armor and grabbed a bow, a quiver full of arrows, a sword, and a dagger, along with other provisions like food and water.

Once he was satisfied with what he carried he went to the edge of village. He was about to leave when he heard his name being called. He turned around and saw that it was Tito running towards him wearing the same gear. "What do you think your doing?" Josť said to Tito when he caught up.

"You always go off into danger alone, this time you are going to have assistance and you cannot persuade me otherwise." argued Tito.

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