amongst the unkown please comment my first story by Lewis Churchill

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I'm driven on by the thought that there might be some life form here. I left the city of Cairo in search of answer for questions which I have not yet formed. The wind begun to die down and the sand stopped whipping me in the face. I stumbled and hit my head on a rock but I felt nothing. Then a sudden surge went through my body and I screeched in pain. I need to feed I thought but on what I looked around but still there was nothing insight. I looked up at the sun and saw it was almost midday when the sun was at its hottest not even I could survive then. It would literally burn my skin if I stayed out. So I started to dig a shallow grave which I could get shelter in from the sun's heat. With in minutes I had finished and laid down in it and collapsed the walls on me so I was completely covered. There I slept but I did not dream, dreams are human things and I am far from human. I awoke and took in a mouth full of sand. I thrashed about and panicked till I remembered where I was. I dug myself out to find the moon high in the sky. The sparkling of stars lighting up the once bleak sky. The moon produced enough light to see about 1km in each direction. I looked at each side found which was mostly to be east and walked of in the sand to continue on my quest. My skin was paler then normal for 2 reasons 1 the moons light reflected off me making me paler. 2 I was weak from not having a feed. Then I saw something in the distance I hunched figure walking. "yes" I muttered under my breath and I quickened my pace till I was almost running. The figure must have heard me running because it turned to look at me then started to run away. I went into a full out sprint my fangs begun there way out. Time for a meal I thought as I closed on the figure. I could almost taste the blood on my lips as I chased my victim down. I was very close now I leaped for the victims back but it turned and the last thing I saw was a glimpse of silver as it hit my face got me right in the forehead. It burned and I collapsed in pain I wouldn't normally even feel something as small as the silver pendent in the figures hand but since I was weak I couldn't take it I was knocked out. I did not dream while I was unconscious.