Dr.Lovecrafts magic circus by Stuart Copeland

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The noose was put around his neck then tightened.The fact that it was dark and he had only the one good eye made it difficult to see what was happening in front of him but he could make out someone pushing threw the crowd and prayed for a friend before remembering he didnt have one, it was Mojo, leader of Dr.Lovecrafts singing dancing monkeys, he had a shotgun in one hand and a bottle of Jack Daniels in the other.The soon to be hung man looked striaght into the eyes of the most sadistic being he had ever come across and finally gave into the fact that this was it, this was how he would die, strung up by a gang of freaks,clowns and homacidal monkies.
Mojo turned to the crowd and screamed "KILL HIM", The mans name was Mickey King and as he was strung up and the air was being forced out of his body he wished he had been nicer to the monkeys and wondered just how in the hell he got into this mess.Somewhere in the back of his mind he remembered a phone ringing.

Mickey King jumped awake at the sound of the ringing phone, he was fully awake and aparently spent the night sleeping in the motel bathtub it didnt bother him much as he had woke in a hell of a lot worse places than a bathtub. It took him almost two minutes to get to the phone, "Hello?" he asked before rubbing his throbbing head
"King if your there then well done you got your job back you son of a bitch. You got one week to get back to New York, thats one hour on a plane and the rest of the week to sobber up" the voice on the end of the phone belonged to Jeff Block, editor or the New York Regular "why thanks boss" replied Mickey sarcasticly which was the only way Mickey could reply to anything
"Fuck you" the phone went dead and for the next hour Mickey King sat on the edge of the bed drinking from a bottle of wiskey and considering the best way to get sobber.

Mickey King was 40 years old and didnt look a day under 50,after finishing top of his class he moved on to his fathers local news paper, the Helens Bay Herald, to work as a reporter, his incredable exclusives shocked the small town and Baby King as he was known then became a bit of a local celelrity, headlines like 'LOCAL PRIEST SPENDS COLLECTION MONEY ON TEXAS HOOKER' caused outrage as did 'BUTCHER PUTS DEAD RAT IN MEAT PIES DURING DRUNKEN RAGE' but the headline 'FRIDAY NIGHT BINGO FIXED' caused riots with the bingo hall being burnt to the ground, finally New York came calling and with it came his long friendship with drink and drugs but his career was never harmed and for 15 years he was a household name untill just 2 months ago when Mickey King woke in a strange bed with two dead hookers, both dieing of an overdose on drugs he bought.There was a huge cover up and while the top brass at the paper decided his future he ws shipped of to a small deasert town called Osaka.And this is where we join Mickey on the day he meets Dr.Lovecraft and his very magic curcis.