A Fairytale In Reality, Ch. 1 by Kalina Dolejsi

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As such, he always saved the world, rescued the heroine, and eventually killed the villain.

In addition to the hero, there were several other fairy tale characters that were also always written the same way. There were the fairies, who were always, always cheerful, bubbly, flighty, and never annoying (a bit of a paradox, really.) Then there were the ogres, who were big, fat, and talked in an endearing sort of way that resembled how a baby would sound if it hit a wall going ninety miles an hour.

After the ogres came the dwarfs, who were always short, squat, bearded, and good at mining and being used as projectiles in times of desperation. Also short were the elves, which were both wise and liked trees. A lot.

You could even break it down further and get into the insane similarities between the knights, the wizards, the henchmen, and so on, but it was at this point that most of the people listening to this particular argument tended to fall asleep.

The most telling fact of the similarities between the various fairy tales of Mallaos (or true proof that the authors of Mallaos were really quadruplets who took turns passing around a brain, depending on who you asked) was that they all ended the same way, all neatly wrapped up like a fragile present. Happily Ever After. There wasn't much left to say after that, was there? It was nice and uncomplicated. You got the satisfaction of knowing everyone got what they deserved.

Still, the majority of the people on Mallaos could have cared less if the fairytale characters did share common archetypes. After awhile, the got used to it. In fact, they came to expect it. They believed in their characters, you could say, behaving a certain way. The more the fairytales became less like life, the better they sold. Soon enough, people began expecting their lives to be more like fairytales, rather than the other way around.

There was nothing faulty with this sort of belief, provided you took initiative. The people that simply sat around waiting for their lives to be better usually ended up never doing much of anything. Still, as you can see, the fairytales of Mallaos had both positive and negative aspects. The negative aspects were continuously overlooked and eventually, it would be them that would cause the problem.

Now, as was obvious, on the island of Mallaos, fairy tales happened to be quite popular. Actually, they were popular to the point that if you were an author, you tended to become something of a celebrity. Aldrich Baldemar, who at twenty three years old was both the best selling author and the first, was so beloved that he had managed his way through the political ranks to become Supreme Ruler over all various cities, which meant basically, that he got to order around people while looking as handsome as possible (and unofficially becoming the poster of choice for many a female).

This naturally led to several hundred people quitting their jobs to become authors. As far as they were concerned, sitting in a cool room and scribbling sure beat working in a field.

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