Heaven's Tears by Tyler Vaughn

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SUMMARY: Let the tears of heaven wash over me as I remember you.

They remind me of you.

As I sit here alone in the white and grey haze, I remember you. I remember what I wanted. I remember what I can never have.


I laugh mirthlessly as the cool mist envelope me and touch my skin. It was you who I didn't know...but somehow it was only you who reminded me of the rain. And the rain reminded me of you. Why did I have to see you in the first place?

Sheer mockery indeed. Life never gave me what I thought I wanted. What I thought I needed. It was just my destiny to see you.

And nothing more.

Another mistake I've made.

Another lesson I learn the hard way.

The drops of water steadily got bigger and dropped faster. The soft caressing mist turned to rain. I don't shiver as the cold drops sting my skin and burn my soul.

I guess it just reflects what I feel inside.



Was it because you weren't there? Was it because I regret not trying to know you?

Maybe. Maybe I'll never know. We were strangers. Are. Will always be.

I would never know if it would make a difference...if I knew you, and you knew me.

I guess I'll never know too.

My hands tried to catch the rain as they fall. I watched them with mingling hopelessness and resignation.


Each drop that fell on my hand slipped away gently in a slow, even rhythm. I can't let them stay there. I can't keep them as they slip away, one by one and leaving me with the emptiness I've always had for company.

It speaks for us.

I regret a lot of things. I guess I'll be thankful that they don't make me sad. The emptiness fails to wrap in me melancholia. I remember you, that's all. I just won't remember you forever. I know I can't. I know I'll never see you again.

I'll just let the rain wash away the weariness I feel. The bitter regret.

Your memory.

The drops ran down as I turn my face to the endless sky above me. I close my eyes as I feel the lingering cold filled with the pain that stings me.

I promise that I won't let the tears join the rain as it descends from my eyes.

I won't cry for you. Not now. I'll just remember you today.

Under heaven's tears.