a boy is in the sleeping bag by Kevin Luna

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a boy awoke from his small blue sweaty sleeping bag. it was morning, very bright and still surprising at this age. to wake up in a place other then his bed, he for a second wondered where he was and then he remembered. all of the dry hay and foreign counselors and all the other boys sleeping or waking up around him and the summers long days one of which was about to begin. he listened to a few birds waking up and its not just a cliché, he heard the sound of them chirping. then he rolled over onto his stomach. all of the sudden there was a little bit of electricity within him and he looked across the field to the area where the girls slept and wondered if she had woken up too.
the grass was damp and it was a little chilly outside of his sleeping bag. he put on his brown hiking shoes and tied them. then he put his sleeping bag into its pouch and tightened the string and carried it to the place where the rest of the other boys were throwing their sleeping bags. on his way he swung the pouch which was attached to a string around his legs back and forth.
then as most everyone had woken up and was getting ready he decided to go over across the field. he felt a little nervous and twisted his hands together, some of the girls might be upset that he had dared cross over. but then he saw her and saw she was indeed awake. he trudged over to where she was and looked down at her but didn't say anything. "hi" she said still lying in her sleeping bag. "hi"
"what are you doing?" he glanced over away from her at the trees
"oh, i'm just, making cupcakes. would you like to come inside and have some?"
he thought this over, he would indeed like to come inside and have cupcakes, but he had already put on his hiking boots. "no"
"okay" she giggled at him and he started to walk back towards the other side of the field.