The Escape by Walter Mallon

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A death which would be wrought by the weaponry the pious preachers employ to rid them of the detested vermin that lay across the boundaries of their municipality. "Kill in the name of God!" bellow the preachers standing on the balconies of brothels with their harlot wives and their bastard children.
Perhaps I am in flight in search of love. For sure there is no love left on Aronstar. Perhaps I am yearning for my soul to be fulfilled and escape the emptiness of my monotonous existence. For until then, I am in platonic love with the dream of leaving Aronstar and fulfilling my dreams of escape. I am not one but only embalmed with a moiety of the voluptuousness I am seeking, all stemming form fervent dreams and hopes of escaping this world. Soon I will be whole.
I sit alone in space pensively reflecting on my dreams of fulfillment. I am becoming entranced with a brooding trepidation that my instruments are no longer at my command. Despite my adroitness in controlling my craft, I have lost control. I know that I am significantly off course more than my now pseudodepigraphical instruments are allotting to.
I'm not sure where I'm heading. I don't think I even care. I'm losing touch with time. It is as if time and space are one. It is unexplainable. Reality is fast becoming an enigma. It is though life does not exist. Not that there is no life. More that the concept of life no longer has meaning. Everything is constant. Everything is constantly changing. Shape has lost its definition. Abstract concepts, visualized in space, seem to be moving through each other. I feel as if I am outside my craft although I am still sitting in my seat.
I seem to be having different thoughts occurring in my head at the same time. I feel myself as a child in my mother's arms and at the same time as a student in school. I can see and almost feel both memories at the same time. They seem to be intertwining through my cognition. In a sense, I am not aware of my feelings. I am no longer sure how I feel about my existence. Am I scared? I can't remember what it is like to be scared. I feel as if I am in a different world. A world existing in a different reality. A world of continuity. Things are constantly moving, never slowing down or speeding up. Things are becoming clouded. I feel I am sleeping.

I must have swooned. I awake to find that my surroundings have changed. I am no longer in my ship. I am lying on the grass in the middle of a green field, a quite verdant field of short, green grass with scattered patches of purple and yellow flowers. I have not seen such a beautiful landscape ever before. Only have I imagined such natural iridescence.
There are patches of tall, healthy trees scattered all about. Trees with thick, healthy trunks. Their branches are strong and their leaves are full. There is a strange fruit growing from the leaves. It is green and slender. By looking at it I can taste it. It is a taste I have never experienced before. I can taste the fruit. I can feel the emotions of the trees. I flow with the breeze through the grass.

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