Legends I - The Creation of Ayamar, part I by Catrine Sandal

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SUMMARY: Not really a story but a worldbuilding legend, this is the one true legend of how the world of Ayamar was created - or rather, what happened just before. I'm wondering whether to have this as a prologue or not.

Ever since the beginning of time, if there ever was a beginning, some things have been in existence. It is not the universe of which I speak, as even this has a beginning at a later point. The world - not as we know it, but the world as in all places in existence - is divided into different dimensions. They are quite numerous, some would say uncountable, which might be true. They are divided, but to say this is not entirely right - they are more like layers on top of each other. Each stretch into infinity, yet there is another one, and yet another one, stretching itself along the same infinite space. Each of this constitutes what we would call a "world". It is possible to travel from one dimension to another, but not even the gods in the various dimensions quite know how. It is given to some, however, to solve the mystery and break the barrier. These portals were there from the beginning, put there by that force or that deity that made the dimensions - a fact that has made the gods believe that there was a world before theirs. However, this is an entirely different story.

Each dimension has a certain presence, in lack of a better word; a thinking force or deity with the power to create, or not to create, whichever it chooses. Some prefer to dwell, not entirely awake, yet not entirely asleep, in the silence of the nothingness that surrounds them. But some prefer to create, to populate and to watch.

This last preference was held by the presence in the dimension in which our story is set - the world to which Ayamar belongs. This deity ached to feel life around him, feel, see and hear other presences and creatures living their lives. However, he decided that he would not create them himself. He was alone and lonely, and knowing himself, he knew that if he so did, he would create them to love only him. In his wisdom he saw that love for each other was necessary to live life as it should be lived. He had seen the consequences of acting otherwise through the other dimensions - though the presences cannot travel through dimensions, they can see them and watch them and, to a certain degree, communicate with them.

Still, he intensely wanted to populate his world. He thought a long time of the best way to do it - how long he thought, is pointless to count, as the presence do not have a sense of time, and there was nothing to dictate the time either. In the end he decided to create another deity, with form and individuality, who should create the world in his stead. He filled this deity with images of what he had seen from other worlds - creatures, plants and rocks - and gave him the human form to use. He filled him with independence, so he would think for himself; pride, so he would believe in himself; humility, so he could adjust and correct himself where he was wrong. He gave him a heart and a soul that was suited for being a creator, a father of a world, a god. He created for him a place to dwell; a place outside time and space, for this can be done. Then he put him to life.

He woke then; full of curiosity of what was and what could be.

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