Legends I - The Creation of Ayamar, part I by Catrine Sandal

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He was already filled with the knowledge the Presence had laid into him; knowledge and images.
He walked around in his dwelling place, his home, and grieved that it was so empty. He filled it with lights on the sky; not planets and stars, but images that gave light. He filled it with trees and grass, rocks, birds, bees, flowers, water - all the good things he had seen. And he walked there for a while, with the animals and the plants, and he was content. Still he sensed that this place was not the purpose of his existence. Also, he himself longed for more.

He began looking towards the vast nothingness outside his doorstep. While comfortable to look at, a nothingness is still grievously empty. After a while, he started creating solar systems with planets, suns and stars. None were habitable yet, but this was his purpose. Some, he made merely for the sake of others; so that their stars could be used to navigate and watch, and also to learn about past, present and future. He also created the first spark of magic. And yet none of these places were populated and even habitable.

He now was ready to create the seven children of his that should help him populate and create the environment in each solar system, and rule them, but first he created for each of them a dwelling place in those systems, a dwelling place connected to his own, in which he also made room for them.
So he created seven sons and daughters, one for each solar system of those he cared for the most and had wanted to populate. He gave the new gods and their solar systems the same names, for though the gods could travel to other places and visit each other, they should forever be the incarnation of those systems, they and their part of the world should be one.

First, he created Aidenul; first born and mild. His system was not big, but he wanted to love and care for it and wanted it no other way. His planets were few and small, but well working and adjusted. Hand in hand, Aidenul and his father populated the world, for Aidenul paid great heed to his Father's words and loved him strongly. There was no magic in his world, for Aidenul feared that with extended powers some would seek to suppress the others, and the magic was not yet fully developed as only the possibility was there yet. However, he soon longed for his not yet created brothers and sisters, for he had been told his Father's plan. But as it is with huge things; they had to happen at precisely the right time.

Muissai was the second brother. These two brothers' bond would be strong for all eternity. He followed his older brother's example, and together they would roam every corner of their worlds. Their peoples were happy and content, and though their lives were not easy, they were not overly difficult either. They all had a deep love for their gods.

The first sister was Liabeli, fair and beautiful. Not wanting to destroy her brothers' closeness, which had grown strong long before she was born, she kept mostly to herself and to her father. She created a world of wonders, which she deeply loved.

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