Legends I - The Creation of Ayamar, part II by Catrine Sandal

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SUMMARY: Still more worldbuilding than story in itself, this is how the creation legend continues - more specifically focused on Ayamar this time. Hope you like...

When Tai-Danar created Ayamar, he did several things the Father and his so-called brothers and sisters did not approve of. They said, once they saw it, that it was irresponsible. However, Tai-Danar did not change his mind, and not only because what is done cannot be undone. He could have sent a disaster that would destroy what he'd made, those parts of it that could be destroyed. But he blankly refused.
They did agree that his world was beautiful, imaginative and wondrous, but as they were afraid of the consequences, they did not dare to admire it. Tai-Danar himself only told them it had a purpose and would not say more. The Father, remembering the words of the Presence, said no more.

However, Tai-Danar loved his world deeply, and so did his Gods. Though they respected the rules of nature the Father had made, they made some adjustments by the aid of magic. Nowhere was the magic as strong and complex as here. Far from all of it came from the magic the Father had made. But Tai-Danar was wiser than the other High Gods knew and believed, and made restrictions even the Father had not thought of. Mostly this was because the strongest magic was not the Father's invention; he never needed to think of it. And the strongest magic of all was not far behind the gods' own powers.

Still they had not created any human beings. At last, the Gods, even his own, believed he had changed his mind - even those who knew his great desire for seeing human beings on his planet. Still he waited.

Then one day, his six Gods awoke to a surprise as they, on his request, gathered in the Main Hall of his dwelling place. During the night the population of living creatures on Ayamar was totally changed. Tai-Danar smiled wearily to them from his chair.
"What do you think?" he asked, though he already knew the answer.

The Gods were pleased. Each saw the animals the most to their liking. Chiraye saw the bears, who held together in small family groups and protected their young; the horses and the other animals who lived in groups or herds that had not been there before.
Syorid saw the great fishes and the creatures of the sea - animals able to live both under and over the water surface; great fishes bigger than anything other living creature; but also the tiniest creatures living in the reefs and by the coasts.
Amtil saw the great birds - the eagle, the sea birds, the huge birds floating on the winds, soaring higher than any other creature. Zadoku looked to her mountains; the creatures living there - those who could dig through rocks, and fill them back in, those who lived in caves or on hilltops, the birds nesting in her mountains.
Naleu saw the deer and the animals that could be used for a living - he was one of those who still clung to the belief that humans would come soon - he saw the sheep with their warm wool, and the small animals living below the surface, in the soil itself.
Varou noticed all of this. Still, he was the one who saw the creatures no other planet had, creatures none of them could ever have imagined.

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