Hallway by Mati Saastamoinen

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SUMMARY: Opening two pages of "Hallway." A short story of parallel journey. An external plot shaping, guiding an internal voyage. The disire for internal progress holds character captive in external monotonous but strangely inspiring trek.


Before anything else; any introduction, preliminary depiction of scene, or mention of character, first understand the simplicity of this tale. This is merely an account of one mans steps and re-steps through an empty hallway. Next reflect upon and appreciate the implications of such straightforward sequence of linear events. Expect neither drastic scenic twists nor turns. And lastly, delve as deeply into this chronicle as your waking conscious may allow.

What exists outward deemed the physical norm will quickly and unexpectedly become internally something extraordinary. Though on the surface very little will change, internally a voyage will commence that will build in unrelenting momentum to an exalting height. From such a lofty peak the glorious and far stretching view will forever change the intellectual workings and rational of the individual involved as well as all those sharing this, his story.

Details; first he noticed the length - approximately 100 feet, then width, a little more than full arms span, and height just out of reach. The floor was covered with a deep red or perhaps burgundy carpet with an unassuming thatched border of lighter shade and narrow black diagonal slashes that lay inches from the walls. It felt soft to cushioned foot. Out of date wall paper clung to the walls. The design was reminiscent of organic fauna, but unnaturally angled in aslant spacing, creating an impression of industrialized order. The contrast; that of manufactured artificial and nature was quite fitting for the orderly stacked and spaced habitats that existed opposite side of each of the several plane painted hallway doors.

Frosted glass fixtures projected pale yellow light towards the ceiling casting shadows among swirled stucco patterns. One truant illuminate down hall flickered intermittently drawing attention not only toward its presence and void of light but also to the fragile condition of its cracked crystal housing. Three digit numbers marked all doors save four. Two of the excluded were made of polished steel and stood closer in proximity than any other pair. The remaining two were spaced apart at a greater proximity than any others, and were crowned with electric red signs marked "Exit".

As promised, nothing yet revealed should be thought strange, unbelievable or obscure. Though soon enough our character will take a first step, then second into a reality ever existent but seldom seen clear. But one final clause must be mentioned before embarking. This stories solitary character has no recollection of the events that lead to his waking up here.

Only upon waking does one remember dreams. While dwelling in the subconscious state memories work to create the present dreamt events, but never allow consideration of dreamt moments just, or long ago past.
Upon opening, if eyes spy confusion, the minds grasp on reality is weakened until understanding emerges or misinterpretation expires. This degraded embrace of existence was now fully present in Adams mind.

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