the pact (chapter one revised) by travis jester

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The lobby of the office building became suddenly quiet as the last ghoul hit the floor dead.. Maria did not even bat an eyelash as she droop and replace the clip the magazine of hers 10mm.. She just scanned the room making sure everything that was moving other than herself was dead permantly. She wiped the sweat from her brow as she walked to door that the ghouls use to think was so important. Behind the door was a staircase that seemed to led into an unknown abyss.. Maria was pissed. This was supposed to be a simple stab and rescue but like everything in her life lately it turned into crap. So far, she have killed ten ghouls and what used to looked like a were hyena. She sent her senses down the stairs to give some kind of feel of the situation. What she got back was conformed reading on another welcoming committee with some real heavy hitters and some thing else. Before she started down the steps a voice spoke into her head.

my little huntress why do you continue go home. This is just a trap.'
because I have to' Maria answered before she realize the voice was speaking telepathically to her who the hell are you and how did you get pass my shields 'Maria asked the voice. The voice did not respond. She did not have time for this.

Maria knew she could not leave. It was against who she was. She took a deep breath to help focus and push the problem with the voice to back of her mind. With her game face on she started down the steps slowly allowing her senses to tell her where the bad guys were. she felt a presence and concentrated harder. Maria shook her head and thought the idiot while continuing down the steps. she fired two rounds from her 10mm into the head and chest of the approaching vamp. Newbies are stupid or nave she could not make up her mind but as long they stay that way she really did not care. At the bottom of the stairwell, the area spread out into a sea of darkness. She could not see a foot in front of her face and in her line of business that was not a good thing.

what are you afraid of tiny little me.' Maria called to the room' that we have to play in the dark. Truthfully I do not mind that you are ugly I am a equal opportunist slayer' Maria heard a chortle in the back of her head. Before she could respond to the intruder the lights began to click on. The lights started from entrance of the stairwell and travel to the far opposite end of the room.

The lights displayed an old fashion ball room. Drapes hung from ceiling to floor give Maria a large coffin feel. Maria also be the drapes was for hiding the fact the room did not have any windows from protential cliesnts. This is the modern age even the monsters of legend had to pay taxes now. The color of the drapes seemed to be black but Maria was not to sure. The lights from the ancient candle holders and chandeliers gave room a eerie glow that brought to mind those old 1950s horror b-films. As the last light flickered on at the end of the room, Maria was welcome with the sight of a man sitting upon a throne. Behind the throne stood assortment of beings that just screamed nightmare central.

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