the pact (chapter one revised) by travis jester

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But something bother Maria the baddies seemed to be stronger than what she felt upstairs.

‘ they are my little huntress. You have entered their lair where their power hold dominance also they are feeding off the fear that all humans have when faces the horrors of legend. ‘ the voice inside her head answered . Maria curse under her breath if she made it out of here Nigel and her was going to have a long talk. The voice snickered.

‘ You know when we meet I am going to kick your butt right‘, Maria sent back through the pshyic connection. She was only answered with a more stronger mental laugh that warmed and calmed her at the same time. Crap, from that one mental touch Maria could tell this guy was strong but one problem at the time. Maria returned her attention to the crowd in front of her.

Maria was sort surprise that they did not attack while her mind was else where unless they did not notice her absence. She counted at about fifteen more ghouls, couple weres and at least four vampires but these felt newborns like the one in the stairwell but she can not figure out what the man on the throne was. He regrister as a human but her gave off the vibes of a vamp.

‘ Be careful huntress he is more than he seems'
‘ I already figure that out if you can not help but out I have a job to do'
‘ I let you be then until we meet but let me leave you with this advise I would try to conserve the use your full mental powers until absolutely necessary. Truth be told I would not even try that rick you been profecting lately it my get you killed'
‘ hey how did you know' the voice did not respond to her question.
Yes the voice had to be from a man it was to cocky to be otherwise.

" You know Miss Saint it is rude to ignore your host" the man on the throne said in a high mighty tone " you make it seem like you do not want to be here'

"That is understatement if I have ever heard one. So, baldy why don't you tell why you all wanted me here. I kill you and then I go home take good nap." Maria answered,

" Oh what a grand sense of humor you have but Miss Saint I am afraid its not that simple. Our master have important plans for you so if you would so kind just drop your weapons I promise that we will not harm the ones you came to rescue." Maria cursed under her breath watching her audience. Why do they always play the hostage card it so uncaring.

‘they are already dead huntress. so protect ....'the voice was cut off with a scream of pain. Before Maria could answered the voice, the man on throne foretold her question.

"don't you hate it when people stick their noses into other people business"

"What did you do to him"

" Do not worry about Mr. Murphy He will survive for now. He also is a special guest of our master. So Miss Saint are......" Maria put her hand telling him to stop talking. The lines that appeared on his face told her the man did not like to be interrupted.
"Sorry but I am getting bored. I not going to give up my weapons so you might just come on and get your butt whipping now" Maria said.

"Ok Miss saint if that how you want play it that's the way it will be it" with a flick of his hand the ghouls charge her.

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