Goodbye Artemis by Tyler Vaughn

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The black car parked outside the tall gates of the graveyard as the grey clouds rolled by...

Her eyes stung with tears.

The silent steps of the people pouring out of the church in a quiet, mourning march...

"Please..." she begged the emptiness around her. Please make it stop.

A boy outside gripping a white rose so tightly that the thorns were digging into his flesh and drawing red drops from his broken skin.

"Stop it!" She screamed helplessly as the tears ran down her face from her lifeless eyes.

The cold table on the morgue...

She sobbed as words failed her. She opened her eyes as she willed the tears away.

The gun. The gun in her hand.

Her eyes widened. The shot rang through the emptiness filling her up inside.

Her tears fell no more.


He stood in front of it, numb to everything else around him, including the blood staining his hands. He stared at the cold marble, and let his hand gently graze the name engraved on it.

Goodbye, Artemis, he said softly.

The earth welcomed the white rose on top of it as he turned away.