Earth Angel by Barb Montanye Kleeman

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SUMMARY: This is a true story of a woman who graced my life with her presence years ago when I needed the extra push to get my life in gear again. It was this woman who inspired me to begin writing, something I had not done in over 15 years at that time.

She walked into our church one Sunday and took her place in a pew. It were almost as if she had been one of our congregation for years. She spoke to those around her and smiled at people as they entered.
In just a few short weeks this woman was not only accepted by everyone, but was asked to speak while our minister was out of town.
Gwen seemed to fit right in, she became a friend to everyone she met. There was something about her that compelled people to share their feelings. There was a sense that you could tell her anything, she was very sincere and understanding.
As she spoke about her many travels, love and kindness emerged as she told of others that she had met. It were as though she were a friend to the whole world! Though she only stayed with us a short time, during her stay she planted seeds of wonder and hope. She helped to open my eyes to all of the possibilities which life offered. I began living a life after merely existing for several years. Then, as if she knew her work was through, she moved on to another town. This woman remains an inspiration to me and I remember her quite fondly. Some people often question the existence of angels in today's world. However, I know they exist because I have actually met one.