The Wedding by Barb Montanye Kleeman

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SUMMARY: This particular story comes from a dream I had and build on to make it into a story. Childhood friends find that even though life takes them in different directions, they never lose the bond which they felt for so many years.

When I received a phone call from Alicia saying that a mutual friend was getting married, I was pleasantly surprised. When she told me it was taking place that very next day, I was shocked.
" When did this happen? I asked Is he someone we know? Have you met him ? What's the hurry? " I questioned rapidly.
Alicia chuckled slightly and said if I wanted any answers, I would have to ask Toni.
I can only tell you that the wedding is tomorrow in the late afternoon, and Toni wants us all to be there. Hanging up the telephone I wondered why the rush, and why she had never told me about her "secret love. Immediately I telephoned my friend, but the line was busy.
After waiting a couple of minutes I tried again. This time the answering machine picked up.
My message was short and to the point, " Toni this is Bobbie. Of course I will be there tomorrow. Call me, we need to talk.
All that evening I waited for my friend to return my call. Finally at ten o'clock I tried, once again. The line was busy. I gave up thinking that she would return my call and went to bed about an hour later. In the morning and then a few more times throughout the day, I tried to reach Toni but all attempts were unsuccessful. I rushed out and bought a card, deciding to wait until after the wedding for the gift. When I told my husband about my last minute invitation, he said that if it were him he wouldn't go. It sounded "too fishy " to him to be real. Still, I had known Toni for over twenty years, what else could I do? I had to go. If for no other reason, to find out what was going on! Ralph had never been fond of any of my friends, so this was the perfect opportunity for him to tell me once again how strange they were. I did what I usually did, and ignored him!
I must've hit every red light from my house to the hall where the wedding was taking place! When I arrived, Toni was halfway down the aisle and almost every seat in the place was taken.
I stood at the back for a moment before sliding into my seat next to a perfect stranger. I looked up front to catch a glimpse of the groom and was surprised to find no one there. I saw an acquaintance up front, and slipped out of my seat . Just as I arrived at the front, there was commotion coming from the back. I heard some people whispering that the groom had just arrived. His plane must've been late I heard one of the other guest say.
When the man entered the room and headed down the aisle, I nearly passed out from disbelief.
The groom was another friend of mine from high school. Infact, he was someone who I considered my best friend in the world.... he had always been like a brother to me.
I couldn't believe that he wouldn't have told me he was getting married. Let alone that he wouldn't tell me he was marrying Toni. Halfway down the aisle, Patrick stopped and gave Alicia a warm embrace. He didn't even see me hiding out in the back row. As he joined Toni, he apologized for almost missing the ceremony. When the minister began to speak, I knew I could not stand there any longer.

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