waiting to go out by Stuart Copeland

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Robert Dunnings stood on the balconey of his L.A mansion and took in a deep breath of the polluted air
"Beutiful" he sighed to himself.The night air was warm and with his glass of red wine in one hand and a joint in the other it would have been perfect but for the fact there was no stars, but hell he was in L.A, if he wanted stars he could go his mansion in Lisbon or London or even spend some time on his island.Not tonight. Tonight Robert was wiating for an old friend to come and pick him up 'Tonights the night I finally take you out Bob' Danny Williams had told him earlier on the phone, for his own reasons Robert was releaved.
He sat on his sofa and flicked on the T.V to watch the news, the presidents aprouval was at an all time low and some woman was screaming into the camera telling the world that America was going to hell.Talk like this bored Robert and he found himself looking at the awards that sat on a shelf about a foot abouve the T.V. Five oscars was bad and he honestly could have won more if he wanted. He won best supporting actor for his first film, two best actor awards and two best director.Not bad at all.His films combined had grossed over $20 billion so when he finally got bored of that he turned to the pen and wrote 15 internatonal best sellers.He was given a $15 million advance for his last book which was about the struggles of the homelees in L.A, he gave the money to a man he had seen every day for over 5 years, sitting in the box and forever saying the same thing, "got any change", he got more than just change from Robert thought, he looked Robert in the eye and noticed that yes this was the actor/writer who gives away 90% of his earnings and that this was no joke.He didnt thank Robert,didnt shake his hand, he ran down the street towards a young man in a suit and screamed in his face "Ha you smug bastard Iv got more money than YOUUU" with this he ran down the street with his check clutched tightly in his hand.The story made the papers and if it was possible the people loved Robert dunnings even more.
Robert never forgot were he came from or how he got to where he was today, which is where his old friend Danny Williams came into things.
At the age of 18 Robert Dunnings was himself homeless after leaving New york in the hope of becoming an actor, within 6 months he had never got further than a first audition and as money dried up so did his landlords patience and the next 6 months were spent in shelters or up dark alleyways.On the morning of an audition for a film Robert decided to end it all.No food.No home.No hope.Robert went to the audition a broken man. The man holding the audition was named Danny Williams, he took