MERIDIAN by Patricia Todd

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An apocalyptic squall rushed through the infinite folds of the space-time continuum, a flux of magnetism and dust merged to form the catalyst of life ...and she breathed.

Her will was omnipresent and her powers knew no bounds: Not the vast interstellar tracts nor the abyss and voids of the galactic plain could stem her might. She was limitless and her drive to touch all domain, to be present in every point in the Universe, becoming a meridian, was an irresistible urge that grew apace in the far flung reaches of the inky nothingness that through her sentience would soon bear fruit.
And slowly attractions and repulsions wrought a change in the universe; vast clouds formed and swirled in the void, and clung together as if finding safety in their future nurturing of the infinitessimal and the germination of electrical bonds through the combination of atoms, electrons and protons; gathering energy, gravitating one to the other: The rudimentary elements fusing and bonding ready to spark into life, a cataclysmic shock that would blast out and in, a necessary implosion before true life could burst and spill into the void. But void no longer. All through the inky tracts of space, the interstellar clouds had emerged and were fruitful, hiding their precious cargoes of stars.

So very hot these fiery orbs, all fusions of a myriad of chemicals: Reacting and combining, fusing and melding as if recognising the trace element signals that each atom carries with it at its very core. Chain reactions on vast scales sending ripples of Armageddon throughout the void, a grander scale never before invoked nor ever would be again.
And this was the first second of the first day !

An eon passed and another age became: This was the time of the Planets, when the remnants of the interstellar cataclysm had endured its first pangs of creation and spewed out the potent remains of Star birth: These swirls drew closer and Gravity then played its part, heavily clawing Heavy metals and gasses to the central cores of emerging life.
Swirling and turning, a magical merry-go-round of globes orbiting around their individual sun that had been created and carefully placed, a heavenly orchestral symphony of movement that was as if choreographed in plural detail by a magical Creator. Whose name was She.

Possession and pride were intimately linked, played out age after age on this cosmic canvas, indelible features forming, then clashing. Creation and destruction augmenting new and ever more refined Heavenly spheres, that would spin and twirl irresistibly drawn towards their neighbours in the Firmament.

Planetary substance was not all that dwelt timelessly in the void. At intervals, there formed points in the fabric of space that glowed for a brief instant and then became roving anomalies that, if a viewer had come upon them and had observed their natural peculiarities, seemed to absorb all matter; even light rays in bending curves would enter but never more emit quanta to the outside blackness of space.

A vast array of Planetary Nebulae now hung in the open oceans of space; and yet She wasn't sated.
She breathed into the core of one planet and heat swelled the mantles' layers and warmth and light combined to germinate an up-welling of the inner matter that formed the planet's asthenospheres, the semi-molten area where the convection currents that drive the motions of plate tectonics derive from.

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