Solace: Uneasy by Micah Watkins

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"Solace: Uneasy"
A very special short story
By Micah Watkins

Peace reigns at the moment. A universal calm sits balanced on the edge of a knife. One wrong move, word or breath will cause it to crumble. Mary Marie Smith, the President of a universal orginzation know as the Great Alliance, has achieved the impossible. Yet, sometimes the impossible is best left unachieved. The cost of this uneasiness has been a lot of blood and tears.
My name is Lona Mara, I am a dragon. I work for Mary as a Universal Police officer assigned to protect Terra. Specifically, I live in Spokane, Washington which is home to the Great Alliance Terran Headquarters.
I am married with four children. Their names are Seth, Allison, Kyri and Katelyn. Unfortunately, I cannot tell you how beautiful they are, for I have been cursed with blindness. My eyes have no pigment and no pupil. They almost glow white I'm told.
Though I'm blind, I am able use my extremely heightened smell and hearing to "see" the air currents and wind as it moves around objects, giving me a limited sight. I've even learned to use a sort of echolocation to navigate when I fly, but, I don't really care for flying too much.
As in all dragons, I have been recently implanted with a gene that allows me to physically project my mental projection of a human form of my choosing. This is what I normally stroll the streets in. I once loathed my human form, but now I find an odd comfort and a peace amongst those who are still uneasy about dragons roaming the streets of their city.
I have been trained in every style of martial arts there is, yet I dislike fighting. I am a master swordswoman and a very skilled archer. Of course, now, my skills are useless. Now, I dare to roam the streets in my 300 foot dragon form. My white eyes burn less in the open air, yet still seemed to catch people off guard at first sight.
I love this city. I enjoy letting the little human children pet me for the first time. Sure there are those who come back for more. I even know of a few parents who return to the park to get in a couple strokes of my warm, leathery skin.
One of my favorite things to do is take my family flying over the playgrounds and baseball diamonds and hearing the gasps and occasional yelps.
Occasionally I'll put on a show for my fans, pulling loops and barrel rolls.
Sometimes I'll play with neighborhood girls. I always play the "fearsome" dragon that guards the princess in her tower awaiting the rescue of the prince charming. If only I could see their faces and those of their parents.
My own children have played this game with me before and will join in other games with the other kids. To the girls I end up being a horse or even a dog once. The queen's pet; the princess' guide and friend.
The boys I got to say are kind of fun. Most of their parents don't mind them riding on my back as I fly in big swoops and dips like their own personal rollercoaster. Sometimes James, my husband, joins in and together we dance in the sky making close calls and a load of fun for anyone brave enough to ride the might dragons.
How great it felt to have the school nerd become the school mascot just by riding me as I performed a daring dive bomb or a huge loop.

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