Secret Worlds: Membership Drive by S. Frankenstein

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SUMMARY: What would it be like to forcibly impress guests, making them members if they'd wanted to or not..? ;)

The non-descript van drove backwards into the garage and came to a stop, the motor idling while the garage door closed. When it was finally in place, the driver turned the engine off.

The side door slid open and two figures wearing panty hose over their heads peered inside, staring down at the struggling figure tied inside a canvas sack with only his legs hanging out.
"That the guest?"
"Yeah, let's take him below."

Picking the bagged man up, they carried him inside the house, going down two flights of stairs into a secret sub basement before pulling the bag off of him.

Blinking, the captive looked around but bright lights and sinister shapes surrounded him.

"So, you just thought you could look around and not participate, is that right?" a voice asked mockingly. "Just sit there and never join in the conversation? Well, as you see we're very serious about recruitment. But we'll make it up to you. If you give us your information, we'll let you go. Otherwise.... Remove his gag."

Someone yanked hard on the ends of the bandana shoved in his mouth and after a long minute of fumbling got it untied.
"What... what is this about? Who are you people!" the balding man demanded hoarsely.
"We're representatives of the Impressment of New Members committee for!" the unseen man cackled.
"But I joined!"
"What?!? When did you do that?!?"
"Oh... uh, we're sorry about that.... Would you like a donut? Cup of coffee perhaps?"

*excerpt taken from The Secret Worlds of*


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