Good Luck! by Manisha Kumari

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"Anie I am sick of seeing your haggard face, why can't you ever be cheerful," accosted his mother. Anie didn't even looked up to answer. This was not the first time he was questioned. It had become a routine for him. He went inside his room and quietly changed his school uniform.

Anie hated his school, his teacher, his classmate, everything related to school. In the evening while doing his homework he thought of all the possible excuses he could make for not going to school but in vain for he knew his mother was strict disciplinarian.

Other day while thinking very diligently he thought of a genuine excuse. "Mamma, hmm hmm, tomorrow is my class test, so instead of wasting my time in school, I would like to utilise in preparing for my physics test, please..."
"Anie no more stupid excuses. I want you to attend every class. Your grade has also been deteriorating of late", scolded his mother. "Mamma please, please mamma, I don't want to go to school", requested Anie.
"No, you have to attend your classes, I am fed up with your excuses. Get ready fast." ordered his mother.

Disappointed as ever he went back to his room to get ready. He knew before hand his mother would never yield to his demands Everyday he would make new excuses and it would be ruthlessly crushed by his mother.

As usual he went to school with no interest while with least interest he entered his classroom. But today there was something unusual about the class. The whole class was oozing with enthusiasm that made even him curious. Actually a new girl had taken admission and pupil were creating hoopla out of it. Girl looked plain but there was something about her that made Anie look at her again and again. He tried to figure out the reason. Yes, finally after half an hour of hard work he realised it was her beatific smile her pearly shinning teeth that captivated him.
During break when the girl was all alone. Anie gathered courage to approach her. This was the first time he had ever approached any girl.

"Hello! I...I am Anie," Anie introduced himself though nervously. "Hi! I am Claira, I have come from Spain .My father has been send to this place on some project, said Claira. "Oh, that's good". He wished her goodbye and took her leave.

At 6 o' clock he returned home from school. This time it was not his usual stooped face but face full of life. His mother was astonished, she couldn't believe her eyes.

"Mamma I need money to get some books," Anie requested. Anie's mother didn't even split second to think over it. She handed 1000 Naire to him. Anie thanked her and rushed towards the bookshop. He brought a basic book on Spanish and didn't bothered to take back the change.

Whole night he struggled with Spanish and eagerly waited the sun to rise. Sun rose finally in the morning. He got up, took his bath, dressed himself, had his breakfast and hurriedly implanted kiss on her mother's cheek and ran to catch a bus. His mother couldn't guess the reason for change but she was happy. She was not strict by heart but it was mere pretence.

On reaching the classroom his eyes were looking for Claira.

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