my thoughts by Lewis Churchill

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SUMMARY: well kinda a story, but read and comment: my thoughts

strength is for the weak
tears are for the strong
and fear is for the brave

TRUE COURAGE is when you are truly afraid and still do something but people always get it mixed up with a fake kind of courage where someone is scared of nothing. But really they are the weaker because they feel less emotions, and turn out to be bully's because all they are is break walls and they think they have courage for having strength but really no-one needs strength they need courage and courage is found in those afraid.

PLASTICS the world is full of shallow people, why?
because we all have standered because we watch t.v because there is beautiful people, if everyone was the same then they would be no shallow people but there would be no love or would there? well i got to admit i'm shallow in away i like girls shorter and smaller them i dont want a girl weighing in at 2 tonnes but who does? but thats the thing girls are 2 tonnes because no-one want to be with them, they may have be rejected for being smart or for having freckiles so they eat lots and end of weighing 2 tonnes with have the chance they had of getting some1 but i hate to say its the same with guys. But getting back on tract we are shallow because we have love without it we would not be shallow no would we have emitions.

RELIGION there are many religions all of which could well be true, but still there are 2 main religions out there first is christianity there are many varients of this but they still all follow the basic principles and they all still believe anyone else is pagan. but really pagan is just what someone thinks is different in country where muslim is the main religon they find christianity pagan. On to the 2nd main religion science, yes its a religion a fast growing one a one made enterily by man that beleives there are answers for everything and that they can be proved. Onto one of the main known pagan relgions this is a relgion found pagan on in all major religons christianity, science, muslim yeh muslim is also a main religion just basicly i see it the same as christianity with one god, ok the pagan religion is witchcraft which is the most understanding religion they dont find any of beliefs pagan, they merely say that there is unknown forces that can be asked to do things everyone thinks witchcraft is evil but its not there sure have been some evil people the follow it but there also being seriel murders that follow christianity or muslim or any other religion its up to you waht you do with your religion and what you want to believe.

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