THE MONKEY WRENCH by Chad Descoteaux

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SUMMARY: The following is the missing chapter of the ‘SPAWN OF THE MILLENIUM’ saga, the remaining three chapters of which can be found in the book ‘PAST THE POINT OF DELIRIUM’, which can be purchased anywhere on the Internet in which fine books are sold.

The city formerly known as Coast Dome.

The final year of the 25th century.

It had been twenty years since the toxic atmosphere of the planet Earth, the smog-like atmosphere that was thick enough to disintegrate planes and that caused Earth's inhabitants to build their cities inside giant domes, was completely cleaned and purified by machines that had been placed on top of these domes.

Now, the domes themselves were coming down, slowly but surely, after scientists from around the globe had come together and assured the world leaders that it was safe and wise to do so.

From his penthouse office in the tallest skyscraper in the largest ‘dome' on the planet, the most sophisticated robot ever constructed looked out at all of the busy little robots that were assisting human construction workers in disassembling these enormous domes that could be seen from space. He was the one who had developed the machines that saved the whole of humanity from their toxic surroundings. It was his company that had constructed the device and his political contacts that had resulted in its use being approved by the World Council.

However, now that this robot desired to run for public office, he was puzzled at the negative response that he had been receiving ever since he proposed the idea to human beings. Robots could assist humanity in their mundane tasks and even save their lives. But, for some reason that Michol could not quite understand, he (a robot) was not good enough to be their leader. Humanity desired to limit his power, power that, up until this point, he had only used for the good of all.

It is important for humans to have leadership that they can trust in, Michol thought to himself. Yet, politicians have a reputation for dishonesty. Deceit is a human trait, one I am not capable of. For this reason alone, I would be the greatest leader of all time.

Standing in front of an enormous window, wearing a business suit and watching the dome workers with his ‘zoom lens' vision, Michol was interrupted by a small beeping noise on his desk that meant that he was being summoned by one of the executives of Michol Tech, the multi-zillion dollar computer company that had been run by so-called ‘artificial intelligence' for the past few centuries.

the monkey wrench

It was only recently that the city of Coast Dome started to receive an influx of immigrants from the domed merman colonies that lined the bottom of Earth's oceans. Actually, it was only recently that humans became aware that their were such creatures or such colonies, when the toxic atmosphere made underwater travel all the more vital.

There are a few different varieties of mermen. All of them look like a nice combination of an aquatic creature and a human being. They have gills of all shapes and sizes. Some have fins while others have tentacles that protrude either from the tops of their heads or from the sides of their faces.

Sitting in a café that was in the direct center of this hustle and bustle city, a man named Ronald Sparticus sipped a coffee as he peered out the nearest window.

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