Cajun Bride by Jim Vaughn

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SUMMARY: Another twisted story from the annals of a chat room.

The Cajun Bride

Rick stood close enough to the fence to hear his neighbor in the trailer next door rant. She went to meet a man, but for some reason it must not have worked out because she had been throwing dishes and books at the walls for almost two days now.

Rick contemplated why it went so badly for her, but not much liking her anyway he just enjoyed the moment. She was screaming about something but he could barely make it out over the blaring music his new wife was listening to.

It's Elvis of course, he thought, if I had known this was the kind of music she listened to, I would have said no at the altar.

He met Ashleigh in a chat room, Ashleigh was caustic on the surface, and her demeanor led a person to believe she had been molded after the very grinch who stole Christmas. But Rick didn't let that deter him from wanting her and the rampages just made him crave her more, besides the children need a mother in their life.

Rick had been married for 20 years, his wife who bore him 7 sons had left. They were good boys, while they tended to be a little rowdy they all had hearts of gold.

"Put down those pellets", she screamed at the oldest in a rage matched by only hells fury itself. "Those are your little brothers, and if you can't stop picking on them, I'm going to take that rifle away"
She knew that would get his attention, it's a pellet gun and he hated it, all the rest of the kids in the neighborhood had pellet guns, he had asked for a .22 rifle for his birthday.

Against Ashleigh's wishes, her new husband had bought him the pellet gun. Ashleigh had pleaded for Rick to get him a set of tools, or perhaps an encyclopedia set for his 12th birthday, but Rick had said "no, he's almost a man now he needs to learn the responsibilities that go with his age."

Ashleigh was furious, she wanted to scream and hit Rick, but she was somewhat afraid of him. Rick's last wife had disappeared. Rick said she left with the guy that empties the septic tank, but she had suspicions about that story.

When Ashleigh first met him she knew instantly she would rather die than to talk with this man, yet somehow a few short months later Ashleigh found herself uprooted from her home in the suburbs, and living in this desolate trailer park in the middle of hell.

"The dirt is always in my hair, the lack of air conditioning is starting to prematurely wrinkle my skin. Damn him anyway", Ashleigh thought to herself.

Ashleigh was used to wearing the most recent fashions, being pampered by the men she dated. "How did I let this happen" Ashleigh thought "God help me, please be merciful enough to let me die soon" she said to herself.

Ashleigh stood there in her Wal-Mart off the rack skirt that hung on her like the blue tarp that covered the roof of the rusty trailer they lived in. Ashleigh's makeup, purchased from the discontinued bin at the hardware store, was so dry when she applied it she had to wet her face so it didn't clump up.

The colors Ashleigh purchased were atrocious, but then again Maybelliene wasn't renowned for its wide selection of quality products in the first place as she saw it.

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