Gone With The Wind by G Shenoy

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SUMMARY: "The Window"....

It seems like yesterday, that you were standing right outside my window calling out my name. "I'll be right there!" I yelled back. ‘– ...I'll be right there...- ‘ those words will always haunt me. Was I always there for you? I'd never really know...I splash water on my face to break from this frozen trance. Its hopeless...No matter how hard I try, I can never really let go of you.

"Hey Kiddo!" I look up and there you are! Looking down at me with laughter in your sparkling brown eyes. I was always ‘kiddo' for you; -Just one of the guys- as you liked to put it. But every moment of our friendship, I found myself falling all over in love with you.

So often I have restrained myself from drowning in those beautiful brown eyes.When it came to you, other guys didn't sum up much. They never did. I was always looking for some one just like you, and no guy was good enough. You were my rock all through my teens. Almost like a supportive elder brother, all through my ups and downs.

So patient and such a good listener! A smile dawns up on my face (funny! I'd never thought you could smile and cry at the same time) when I remember telling you about my dream to become an engine driver as a kid, and you had replied a bus conductor was a better option. The way you used to snatch my heavy books and bags away leaving me agitated...I realise now, you didn't like seeing me carrying heavy things.

All those pranks we played, all those starry nights we gazed. There are so many memories that I'd want to relive and some others I wished had never happened.I wish I were there for you my friend! I wish I could take away all your pain. And gently tuck you in bed when you were so drowsy from all those medications. Just like you used to when I got hurt.

So many horrible tubes stuck onto your beautiful body..."HELLO!!!???? Anybody home????" you yell from outside " Get moving! You lazy bum! Or we're going to miss the Bus again today."

Your voice breaks my train of thoughts. I smile and lean out of the window to reply that –I'll be right there. And my eyes fall on the empty lawn below...