Innocent Evil - Continued by Tari Xalyr

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SUMMARY: continued


Have you ever wondered what death felt like? I did; once. But I know now I will never find out. So I still wonder, even now what it would be like to die. I feel pain beyond my handling yet I will never be released for Death shall never come knocking at my door for now I walk the lonely road of immortality. A dark road I tread. The road of a killer. The road of the undead. The road of a Vampire.

Evil: Habitation

I remember the first time I felt the power rushing through my veins. The blood pumping through my body was no longer mine but his.

My body ached as I sat up slowly in the bed. My vision was blurred. I felt my senses heighten when I heard someone breathing nearby. I felt weight fall on the bed near my feet. As my vision cleared I saw Toy sitting on the end of my bed with a glass of a red liquid. He passed it to me.
"What is it?" he shifted slightly.
"Drink." he said. I held the glass to my nose and sniffed. It smelt odd yet somehow familiar. Whatever it was I craved it and drank deeply.

I can still feel the heat as the liquid raced down my throat. Still taste it on my tongue. The first time I drank blood a sensation filled me, reawakening my body, as if it were something I'd felt before.

I handed the glass back. Licking my lips to savour the last drops. Toy smiled at me as he placed it on the table next to my bed.
"Better?" he asked. I nodded. "Here." He said as he leant forward. His finger brushed my lower lip lightly to remove the last drop before sucking it himself.
"That was delicious."
"You liked it?" I nodded. "Good. Hows your head?"
"Still a little funny but withstand able." I looked around the room for the first time. We were sitting in a large black room with red and silver drapes on one wall and a wooden door on the opposite wall. There was limited furniture. A wardrobe, mirror draped in a heavy black curtain and the table next to the bed.

"Where are we?"
"The Night Hunters Crib. The Coven. This is your new home. A base for your life as one of us."
I looked at him, as if seeing him for the first time.
"And what is us?" I asked
"To the mortals we are known as Vampires. We are neither living nor dead but stuck in a world in between where there is no escape. You belong here Mary, your mother knew it and she refused to acknowledge it and now look where she is."
"She's not dead. Vampires cannot die, you just said it yourself." I felt tears gathering in my eyes but I pushed them back.
"No but she was part mortal for she had lived so long in her mortal form. She had not finished her transformation before I killed her. She was half mortal and half immortal when she died, Mary. But you were spared for, despite her weakness for humans she gave us you. And that is a gift her mother wanted. Enough talk for now. The Countess wishes to see you. So I suggest you put on something elegant and be quick about it. There's clothes in the wardrobe. Ill be back to collect you." And he was gone. I obeyed Toy and put on one of the gowns in the wardrobe. I was just tying up the sash when I heard a knock. I dropped the sash and hurried to the door.

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