Primal prayer by Shea Bell

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I am often told that I am very primal. Primordial, Primate, Primitive. I dont mind. I'll tell you why. It's all the same when you look at it.
Primordial ooze. The begining. Evolution occurs. Now, we have Primates. Primitive man. This is truly a difinitive moment. Problem sovling. Think about it.
You have to understand that the tools we use today to solve problems weren't around then. There's no internet, no indoor plumbing, no paydays, ya know?
So how does it get done? We think, we experience, and we learn. Then we evolve.
Fast forward for a minute. What do we do when we are faced with something beyond our control?
We pray right? Problem solving is challenging when dealing with something outside our realm of experince. Like the first storm. Destroys the crops. No food. For all of us self proclaimed primates, that means no bananas. No survival.
Now, I dont know about anyone eles but I am no agriculural monkey. I wouldn't know how to solve that problem. So what's left, prayer right? You can't do anything, and there sure aren't any bananas in your hands.
So you get real religious, going on a spiritual jouney;
Do the bananas realy exist? (buddist) Should you gain a monopoly over the bananas? (jewish) Are you clean enough to eat the babanas? (baptist) Is the banana just another plot to keep a poor monkey down? (muslim)
You dont have the answers to these questions, but something tells you there is some one who can help you. Sima is going to lead you to the promise land. So you journey, you search, and you find the monolith that stands in the way between you and what ever is on the other side. It could be a whole field of banana trees. Or, maybe it's just one banana. THE banana. And there are other monkeys looking too.
So, we try to climb, to high, try to walk around, to wide, try to go through, to solid. So, now what? A problem to solve.
So, you pray. Now, I am no religious monkey, I'm just hungry, and I am hopefull. So my prayer would go like this: ( Gazing upward )
Umm, Hi, nice day isnt it? I'm not sure if you can hear me, but we have a situation, if you haven't noticed, there are no banana trees around and we are all pretty hungr. We've done what we can, and we're here now. So, if you could help us find some bananas that would be great. Or, if you have some to spare, that woud be great too. So, whaddya say?
Sounds reasnonable, right? And now its up to the realm of possibilities.
Ok, that's how we made it through the first storm. You were there, and you made it.
Now, lets say another storm does the same thing.
But now, you have experince, so you set out to solve this problem. I dont know about ya'll but I want to be the monkey that prays like this:(lovingly gazing upward )
Hi, it's me again, Praise and Thanks. I needed to let you now another storm has wiped out the crops again, so we could all use more bananas. They are really good too.
Ya know, maybe if the bananas were bigger, we wouldn't have to make so many trips, because they would last longer. We lost lot of monkeys in the heat wave during the last journey. Hey, a swimming hole would be nice, cool water, maybe some shade trees, and fences to keep every one safe... That would be nice,
so whaddaya say?