New Commander by Gerard T Joseph

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SUMMARY: This is a VERY short story. Its an easy and simple read. Its a liitle peice about a young private who has just been made commander.

Private Hulas looked incredously at the the still body of his Commander lying in a pool of his own blood. His last words struck fear into his very bones - your in charge now boy... The gates of Golkasa must not be breached!- Fredras Hulas a leader? No. But he had been given an order and he must follow it.
He looked wearily at the men around him who were awaiting orders from their new leader. Hulas felt totally helpless. There was around six hundred to seven hundred men awaiting their next command which they would follow if it meant life or death.
Hulas turned around to find a private younger than he, with fear in his eyes and sweat running down his dirt covered face.
"Erm...yes private?" Gods! He was already being reffered to as Commander!
"We must make a move soon, the men are becoming restless sir."
"R-Right tell them im working on it" the newly appointed commander stuttered nervously.
The boy looked distressed at the lack of enthusiasm in his leaders voice.
Hulas made for higher ground so that everyone could hear what he had to say. He scampered up to a point where he could see all of his men and over the gates of the city. He nearly fell to his knees when he seen the horrors outside the gates. The outlanders had them outnumbered on a major scale. He turned to the see of men that he commanded and seen many hopeless faces staring up at him. Somehow this angered Hulas. How dare those men outside the gates come to his city! How dare they kill innocent people! How dare they! The young commander felt his confidence rise tenfold and he puffed out his chest proudly. The men sensed the commanders newfound powersurge and some of the men stood taller than before. Fredras Hulas stood tall and screamed defiance and drew his sword. He raised the simple blade and shouted "for Golkassa!"
A deafening screech followed as swords were released from scabbards and an enormous cry of defiance came from the men. Mulas shouted his order;
"I know nothing of tactics or strategies, but I can take down any bastard that invades MY city!"
The men were ready for the coming battle. Archers stood on the foremost rooftops aiming at the straining gates of Golkasa. Hulas stood in front of the swordsmen growling and vying to spill blood. Everyone became alert as the gates suddenly shook violently. The archers drew back the bowstrings.
"Ready! Archers, as soon as those gates open fire a volley!"
The gates suddenly began to open. A single arrow flew over the frontline and into the small opening. A cry of pain came from behind the gates. Suddenly the gates burst open and screaming men came in weilding maces and swords screaming for blood. The volley of arrows thudded into the front ranks of the enemy and they slightly faltered before charging on.
"Charge!" The commander screamed.
Men charged forth to meet the enemy with steel on steel.

The battle was truly joined.