Good Vibrations by Terry Cummings

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SUMMARY: Between a rock and a hard place...

Good Vibrations

The guests left after giving polite congratulation and soon they found themselves alone.
Despite what had seemed years of preparation, the wedding has been completely unlike the event they had planned. But in the days leading up to today they had anticipated little else. It was done and they were married, and that was the important thing. Secretly both wished they had delayed the event, but neither had wanted to voice this, and so it had transpired as scheduled.
At this point, in the course of any normal wedding, the couple would remove themselves from the celebratory noise, from the gathering of friends and family and officials and find a quiet, secluded place where they could be alone. Leading up to a normal wedding the couple would be shivering with anticipation for days or weeks before the union, desperate to come together, at last, on this the most sacred and important of nights.
Instead, their special day had been filled with sombre reflection. Of those who had gathered, which was roughly a third of those who had planned to, few were filled with any noticeable joy. Vibrancy had been replaced with the shudders of memories, song was replaced by barely concealed moans of sorrow. All who had gathered were somewhere else in their thoughts.
The wedding had taken place with routine efficiency and little else.
They began the long journey home.

The skies of Prerius had always been blue. Deep blue, washed with traces of opal and cream, random whispers of ionised frozen gas which hang suspended, barely changing for years, slowly drifting in the shimmering sapphire shroud which separates Prerius' lands from sister planet Iral and beyond that, the yawning abyss of space. Yet, it was only now that the true beauty of the skies had become completely appreciated. The stretching horizon was etched by the rounded peaks of bulbous glacial mountains and here, where they stopped for pause and a few last moments of togetherness, the mountains verged slowly beside a lake of perfect calm where billions of gallons of pearlescent liquid nitrogen rested placidly, reflecting the dirty blackened hue from above. A few of the peaks shifted, almost imperceptibly, giving them undulating tones of recognition, welcome and even congratulation for their day. These tones made the surface of the lake shiver. But most of their friends sat quietly, silent and still apart from the vaguest whisper of thought.

Normally at this point they would have started the long process of becoming joined. It would be the climax of their relationship together and would define their being from this point forward. The coming months would be spent in contact with one another, their bodies slowly coming together, their rough edges worn away with friction, leaving two perfectly compatible surfaces which would then simply melt into one another. A fragile process at first, tender and delicate, but becoming bolder and stronger over time. And soon they would be one. Over time even their thoughts would be indistinguishable from one another's, merged in the same fashion as their bodies.

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