my thoughts 2 by Lewis Churchill

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SUMMARY: look at satinisme and wicca

ok religion is it good?
religion is something people intrust to somethey use to uphold them self beleive in without it they would be no meaning to life. Science was created as a all manmade religion beleive that they can find the answers to everything without help from any superour beings.... but my religon i'm going to talk about is wicca a type of witchcraft

wicca: is a religion which beleive in many gods though there is christian wicca's muslim wicca's etc there beleifs vary slightly. I think there is one god that takes on many forms to suite the different needs of people and those gods should be gone to directly instead of asking the one god ask his forms to help you with waht ever that form is for.
Wicca's use rituals just christians and all other religions these rituals are like prayors(did you know more the 50% of the christian religion is copyed from witchcraft?) candles are burned as the same as with anglican's. But what mainly devides them is that christianty goes to the one god and wicca's goes to the many gods or as i see it different forms. SO no religion is really right or wrong because allah is jesus and jesus is god and thor, odinn etc are just forms of him. the only religion which is wrong is satanisim, they beleive that by bring hell to earth they will make heaven in hell for them, thus while they use symobl upside down the cross upside is a satanistic symbol because of 2 reason one the power is said to be at the top where jesus's head was and because by puting it upside down there saying down with the cross, the pentagram is used upside down by satanists because the top is spirit which is the essence of all life and hell is said to be down so they put it to wear they think all life should be in hell with satan...

thanks for reading