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Books of Pellinor, from Australia

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Nov 8, 2012
    1. michael1981
      Hi Alison,

      My name is Michael, and I'm 30 from Cape Town.
      I discovered The Gift by mistake, browsing through books. I became addicated - I think the Books of Pellinor are absolutely amazing, and is the best fantasy I have read. I've recommended the books to everyone interested in listening. I'll admit that after the first book, I thought there was some truth, only to find out that your writing had "tricked" me. Alison, well done. I'm sure your friends and family are very proud, and they have reason to be. I'm about to start reading the series again. Thanks, Mike
    2. Anna E.
      Anna E.
      Alison Croggon, you are such a great author! I had never cried over a book until I read the Pellinor series. Your characters have become very dear to me. Thank you for stirring such strong emotions in my heart!
    3. Saelin
      Hi Alison
      I, like as so many others have said (you must get tired of hearing the same thing over and over...) do like your books a whole lot. They are amazing, and...Well, I don't know what to say that you haven't heard already.
      I'm an aspiring fantasy writer, and I was wondering if you could give me some tips...
    4. Keeric
      Hi Alison... I absolutely adore your books, especially for how emotional it is and how it provokes catharsis in so many ways. I love the depth of characters and I think like most of the fans, I love the fact that Cadvan and Maerad are together!! =) Thank you so much for your contribution to the literary world!

      Now, I don't know how many people have asked, but... What is Cadvan's true name?! Lol. I don't know where else to ask if you've ever posted information about it as the Cadvan thread appears to have been dead for a while... But that's the only loose end that hasn't been tied up for me and it kind of plagues me a little.

      Still. Thank you so much for your books! They are a true work of art and genius!
    5. Autumn
      Hi Alison!

      Thank you for accepting my friend request :D
      And for creating Pellinor.

      I was hooked from the first page and ever since then have kept reading them, and re-reading, and re-reading and ... so on, and so on :p

      Thank you :)
      As you can see from your pages and pages of messages, it really is appreciated!
    6. JMlovesHP
      You are an amazing author... I don't know how you created such amazing books. I was glued to them and the only way I was going to leave the Pellinor world was if someone pulled the books out of my hands... which is really hard to do. Thank you so much. You have been a great inspiration.

      Peace :cool:
    7. waahoo!
      Thank you for writing these amazing books that you have written!!! They are actually the only books besides Twilight that I've read every night until I was finished. And when I finally got The Singing, you should have seen me :P (it was a little embarrassing actually)

      But you're a great writer. I really enjoyed reading your books.
    8. Maerad2
      Hi Alison! :)
      Thank you for writing the Pellinor Series!
      I think I will never be hooked at books right now if these wonderful books hasn't published. Thank you once again, and we're hoping to see your works (Especially the Pellinor short Stories :D;))

    9. mystryder
      thank you for accepting my friend request. I've read all of your books, and I love them so much! they are the best! But I'm sad that there was never a confrontation in person between Sharma and Maerad. They never even see each other! But the books are amazinf anyway. You are the best writer ever!
    10. Maiablackwolf
      As everyone else is saying, your books are awesome. I've finished all four now, and I'm not sure whether to be happy that the characters are finally done or sad that I'm finally done. It's like poetry on pages, and the characters (what I love most in a book) are amazing and fully developed. This much is for sure- I'm hooked on your writing!
      ~Maia :)
    11. Echowindsong
      thanks for accepting my friend request.

      The books are amazing! (You've prob. heard this a million times but oh well.. :p)

      Great job & good luck!

      ~ Echo
    12. PellinorFanatic
      hey thnx for adding me to ur friends list :D u have probably heard this a cajillion(yes you r so jealous of my new number) times, but i love your books! i am forcing my friends to read them now :D
    13. sakihan
      i am studying digital animation at university at the moment and have been told that i have to use a section from a book for my next short animation. i love your Pellinor series and straight away knew that i would love to use a chapter from one of the books; if that would be ok with you.
    14. sage lettuce
      sage lettuce
      never ending list of fan mail :P

      books = good.

      thanks for accepting friend request thing.

      good luck in the future!
    15. Hekibel
      I just wanted to say how much i enjoyed reading your pellinor series and that i could have actually believed that it was once a great civilisation, it's almost a shame it isn't. I loved the characters and how the story turned out in the end, it was great!
      Thank you for an amazing read!
    16. 3mmi
      hi alison,
      just wanted to say that i love the pellinor series like many others do.
      they really are a great series of books. i especially like the gift and the singing though the riddle and the crow were also brilliant. maybe their lack of cadvan clouds my judgement.
      i hope you continue to write all kinds of novels. you are a very talented writer and im sure anything you write will be great. thanks again for a great series of books.
      from emily :) :D
    17. Maerad2
      hello alison,
      i just wanted to know Cadvan's true name.
      i hope it will go in ""the friends"
      thank you! :)
    18. Mistress Maerad
      Mistress Maerad
      Just wanted to say that I was reading the Q+A thread, preserved in "General Discussion Thread," and I wanted to thank you for posting all those answers to other reader's questions! Many of them were similar to my own, and it provided so much more insight.
      Thanxx! :)
    19. TorturedWritter
      Oh my gosh! I just finished reading The Riddle and I have to say that I really love your books. I read the first two in under two days. :D I stumbled on the story in a realitivly funny way, too. I was in the bookstore with my friend and we saw the cover of The Crow. We then started woundering if the guy on the cover was the type who would be randomly thrown into a dangerous battel and have no idea what to do. So, we picked up the first book so we could find out. I don't think we have yet. :D anyway...Except my compliment on your book. You have provided me with yet another fandom.
    20. sage lettuce
      sage lettuce
      hey alison! like all who have a brain, love the books. im new here, but just want to thak you!
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